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15 Surprising Uses For Eggshells

15 Surprising Uses For Eggshells

Surprising Uses For Eggshells

Eggs are a food rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins, and have many health benefits. By integrating them into your diet, you improve your health and reduce your risk of cancer. But do you know that eggs, their shells and their packaging have other unusual but very useful uses? Discover them in the following!

Unusual uses of Eggshells:

1 - Nourishing and strengthening hair

Thanks to their high content of protein and healthy fats, eggs are very beneficial to the hair they nourish, strengthen and moisturize in depth. Simply prepare your homemade mask by whisking a whole egg with a tablespoon of olive oil, then applying the mixture to your hair. Cover them with a shower cap and let stand for 15 to 30 minutes. Then rinse with clear water then wash your hair as usual.

2 - Firming and nourishing the skin

Egg white is the part richest in protein. On the skin, it has a magnificent lifting, moisturizing and nourishing capability. So if you want to stretch your skin while giving it radiance and softness, apply it on egg white after your toilet once or twice a week. Allow to dry completely before rinsing and applying your usual moisturizer. You can also apply egg white on the eye area, but be careful not to touch the inside of the eye.

3 - Anti Acne

To get rid of acne pimples, blackheads and redness, here is a mask made from egg white, very easy to make. Just whisk together an egg white, a few drops of lemon juice and a spoonful of honey. Apply the mixture to a washed skin, avoiding the contour of the eyes, nostrils and mouth, then allow to dry before rinsing. This tip is to be applied at night, due to the photo-sensitizing effect of lemon, and not more than once a week.

4 - Clean leather furniture

To clean your leather furniture and give it a youthful touch, soak a soft cloth in egg white and use it to wipe them dry. Thus, you will eliminate the dust and deposits of fat that accumulated there while nourishing your leather.

Egg shells

1 - For better compost
With very slow biodegradation speed, the eggshells help you to air your compost and thus to stop the emission of bad odors. Simply crush them and mix them with your compost.

2 - Fertilize your garden
Due to their high calcium content that is very beneficial to plant growth, you can use egg shells instead of your usual fertilizer.

3 - Keep slugs and snails away
To preserve your plants and keep away slugs and snails, roughly crush some eggshells. Thus presenting sharp edges, they will form a protective barrier around your plants.

4 - A cure for your pet
If your pet suffers from diarrhea after eating something not healthy, add a few spoonfuls of the mixture of eggshell powder and coffee to his meal. His evil will disappear in just one day.

5 - Shine pots and pans
If you have stubborn stains that soapy water can not remove from your pots or pans, use eggshells to rub them. The result will surprise you.

6 - For a better taste of coffee
If the taste of coffee is too bitter for you, boil an organic eggshell washed with your coffee, to lessen the bitterness. However, do not forget to filter your drink so as not to swallow pieces of the shell.

7 - For a bright white linen
To remove the stains from your clothes and make them whiteness quickly and efficiently, fill a small net of eggshell and place in your washing machine, with your laundry. The result is magnificent.

Packing of eggs

1 - For storage

To keep your small decorations and prevent them from losing or mixing, place them in the compartments of an egg box. You can also use this tip for sewing equipment (needles, stones, beads, etc.).

2 - An improvised ice cube tray

If you need ice cubes but you run out of bins, wash a plastic box of eggs thoroughly, and fill the water compartments. A few hours in the freezer and the turn is played.

3 - As a paint palette

If your children want to paint, and want to avoid seeing it all over, replace their pallets with a box of eggs. In each compartment, pour the necessary amount of paint. Thus the damage will be more limited.

4 - Pots for decorative plants

If you have small decorative plants but not enough pots to dispose of them, replace them with a carton of eggs, where each compartment will accommodate a plant.