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How to Whiten Teeth Naturally And Quickly

How to Whiten Teeth Naturally And Quickly

How to Whiten Teeth Naturally And Quickly

You look in the mirror, you are fresh and smart, and yet something disturbs you, like a shadow on the board: yellow spots on your teeth. Here's how to get rid of it and find a smile sparkling white with that natural ... obviously!

We all dream of having a naturally white teeth. This dream can very well become reality thanks to this natural recipe. Sometimes nature has a lot of surprises for us!

Why do teeth turn yellow?

The tooth consists of a root and a crown. This is formed by three layers: the enamel, the dentine and the pulp chamber. Enamel is the top layer of the tooth that is mineralized to 97%. The natural color of the teeth is white ivory. Many people persist in wanting to have teeth white as snow but this would distort nature.

Teeth turn yellow due to a number of factors, mainly due to food: tea, coffee, colored foods, sodas and acidic foods leave deposits on the surface of the tooth and aggress the enamel, making Yellow teeth.

The second most important factor is smoking. The nicotine and the tar attack the enamel and color the teeth.
Then there is poor oral hygiene, taking certain drugs, excess fluoride, and the genetic factor that can also play a significant role in the coloring of the teeth.

The recipe for white teeth naturally

The recipe that we propose today is composed of two natural ingredients. They are no farther than in our kitchen cupboards, and if you are a fan of natural beauty, you know these are our two great favorite products! These are turmeric and coconut oil. Each one contains a multitude of health benefits, we let you imagine their effect if we mix them for aesthetic purposes.

  • 1 tablespoon ground turmeric
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil


The recipe is extremely simple. Start by pouring the turmeric into the bowl, and add your coconut oil, this must be liquid and not solid. If so, warm it slightly. Mix the two ingredients together with the dough for a dough to form. This should be consistent, thick and should hold well. Put the dough in a small glass jar and set aside. If, during use, you notice that the dough has hardened, add a little coconut oil to soften it.

Use :

To use this mixture, take a new toothbrush that you will only dedicate to this procedure, because the turmeric could make it yellow. Brush your teeth with this paste for at least three minutes as usual. You will notice naturally that your teeth have become yellow. Do not panic, you have to rinse to see the results.

Rinse your mouth then brush your teeth with your usual toothpaste to remove traces of turmeric. Repeat at least three times a week for visible results and glowing teeth!

The benefits of turmeric

You will say: why turmeric? Know that its yellow color will have no impact on the whiteness of your teeth, quite the contrary! Turmeric has countless health benefits, including oral health. It is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It also has a strong whitening power although it contains curcumin, the molecule responsible for its yellow color.

The benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil has a wide spectrum antibacterial, it overcomes several hundreds or even thousands of bacteria present in our mouth. It is rich in lauric acid, a component that can kill bacteria and viruses in the mouth. It also has a strong whitening power. Moreover, some make an "oil pulling", a kind of mouthwash with coconut oil. Combined with turmeric, it forms the most complete toothpaste.