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Why You Need A Gemini In Your Life

Why You Need A Gemini In Your Life

Charmers, capricious, distracting, unstable: the Gemini are as endearing as they are unbearable. One thing is for sure: with them, you never get bored! Here are some of their features that make you absolutely must have one in your life.

They are beautiful speakers
Intelligent, witty and enthusiastic, they can sustain a conversation on any topic. Curious to learn new things and share them, they nevertheless have strong opinions and do not like the contradiction.

If you are friends with them, do not hesitate to ask them for advice, as they are usually full of common sense.

In their relations of marriage, they do not let the problems linger; they prefer to settle them on the spot, for pretending is not in their character. If something displeases them, they will tell you without waiting, and often without taking gloves.

Sometimes it's hard to follow them
They do everything quickly: think, talk, move. Moreover, they have little patience for soft and slow people, much less for routine.
When they have the feeling of standing still, they become nervous and seek at all costs a way to progress. If you can not follow them, make sure they do not wait for you.

These are artists
They often have talent in several disciplines and can practice several forms of art at the same time (music, painting, writing ...).
But the medal has a setback: they lack discipline and perseverance and can start several things at once without completing anything. 

They have several personalities
Gemini are often said to have a double personality. In fact, they have much more than that. They are very intuitive people who adapt their personality to the circumstances.

This does not mean they are schizophrenic or unstable. They are simply adaptable and a different facet of their personality will take over depending on people and circumstances, without even being aware of them.

These metamorphoses can be perceived by others as falseness, a way of being appreciated by all but, once again, they are not even aware of it. It is rather the mark of a rich and complex personality.

They are free and very independent
Their freedom is paramount in their eyes and bears witness to those who seek to hinder it! As a result, they may fear engagement (in love, for example), especially since they fear that they are not given as much as they give.

They are comfortable with adventurous people who share their need for independence.

They are passionate about
When Gemini love, it's all right. Their reactions can sometimes seem excessive, especially when they are jealous. No worry if they seem threatening to you, it's just the expression of their passionate nature.

They are a bit superficial
They like to be the center of attention and attach great importance to superficial things.

This superficial nature is one of their biggest flaws: they rely heavily on their first impression and it is almost impossible to change their minds once they have formed an opinion about someone.

They struggle to make decisions and challenge them
This is one of the consequences of their multiple personality: Gemini have difficulty making a decision and, once it is done, frequently question it by turning the problem in their heads for hours. This indecision can make them anxious.

They are generous
Not very economical, Gemini is the type to ruin itself to please or help others. Generally speaking, it is a dedicated friend who will help you even when he is in trouble himself.

They forgive but do not forget
Gemini have an elephant memory and will never forget if you have harmed them. Good luck to regain their confidence! On the other hand, if they love you, they will not bear you any grudge.