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5 Ways to Guess Someone's Personality Type In 10 Seconds

5 Ways to Guess Someone's Personality Type In 10 Seconds

5 Ways to Guess Someone's Personality Type In 10 Seconds

We have always been warned against appearances, for they can be deceptive. It is indeed difficult to pin down the true personality of people from the first encounter without falling into prejudice. But with these 4 clues, you will know everything about an individual's personality in less than 10 seconds.

We always have a certain reluctance that pushes us not to open ourselves too much to a new person, a new encounter, a new bond of friendship or love for fear of discovering a side of the decor little enchanting.

But we must know that the human being is not infallible, the body betrays it. When someone addresses you, the body speaks to you but you probably do not see it. Body language reveals much more about character and personality than you imagine.

You must know the 3 things that reveal an individual's personality from the first moment you meet him. With that, you do not risk making bad encounters. All that is asked of you is a discreet attention to its posture, to its way of being, to express itself, and to its way of being.


If your interlocutor is not stingy with gestures, if he uses a lot of the hands to express himself, if he lends you all the attention, if he looks at you with concentration and the features are very expressive, Is that it's probably a person full of empathy. She has the sense of listening, gives you time and testifies her esteem by doing so. They are often generous people. They are empathic because they put themselves in your place. They give you an ear and give you the opportunity to express yourself without interrupting you. They tend to lean their head slightly forward, a sign that your speech is of interest to them.

You will recognize a less empathetic person if she tends to stroke her neck or wrists, to play nervously with an object. Unfortunately, these gestures show that your speech is of little interest to him. You will know that this person will not give you any attention, nor anything else ...

The open-mindedness

It is generally known from the first moment of the meeting whether the person in front of us likes or does not like us at all. The body shows it and it is obvious. It is the famous current that passes ... or not.

You will know by observing the posture. If the person looks at you fixedly, if the arms are tense and crossed, if he points the tips of the feet inward, it is because she does not appreciate you so much. She would even be looking for your little flaws and judging you, unlike the person who opens up to you. You will recognize the latter if the arms are more relaxed, if the body as well as the attention and mind are open and directed towards you. This person is comfortable with you.

The state of mind

Things that show that a person is very interested are numerous. Generally, this person caresses the hair, inside the arms, displays a light smile, taps the chin, smooths the eyebrows, and so on. So many gestures that show she's totally addicted to you. The voice will tend to be more velvety and rhythmic. On the other hand, if this person dodges the gaze, scratching the neck nervously and playing frantically with the fingers, it means she might be bored.