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5 Amazing Stories Of People Who Died And Came Back

 Stories Of People Who Died And Came Back

Is there a life after death? Everyone, at a certain moment, poses this emblematic question without being able to give a concrete answer. Five people who approached death very closely decided to testify in order to tell us what is happening, where no one comes back.

What happens when one dies or dies? How do we feel? Is it wrong? Where does our soul go? Are we seeing something? A lot of questioning that taps the minds and no one can answer. But these testimonies will try to shed some light on our vagueness. Warning, this article is likely to upset all your beliefs.

What happens during the agony?

Numerous scientific researches have carried out studies on cases of imminent death to tell us what happens during this time when the soul leaves the body and then returns. They made the surprising discovery that the brain had the incredible ability to extend its functions even a few seconds after the arrest of the organs, and especially the heart.

During moments of agony, some people see their lives before their eyes, like a film, just before their soul leaves their bodies. Scientists say that those who are dying see themselves die and see their surroundings. Third phenomenon, which we often hear about, is the famous white light that seems to attract us, bathing us in a feeling of absolute serenity and peace.

More true-to-life testimonials

Among those who have experienced an imminent death situation, these five people who, after returning to life, tell us about their experiences and feelings.

At the age of 15, a young man nicknamed TheDeadManWalks, was diagnosed with cancer. After several sessions of chemotherapy, his colon was infected and he underwent internal hemorrhage. He was taken to the hospital. Being between life and death, he felt his mind slip out of his body and struggled with all his might to stay alive. He compared this feeling with the sensation that one has every morning when one can not open one's eyes and one tries to do it.

Another young man nicknamed Schneidah describes this experience as a journey into the darkness. A black hole in which he dived after his motorcycle accident: he had struck an electric pole and had been expelled away, losing consciousness. He mentioned that he had seen by opening his eyes his brother (who had died before) crouched beside him.

Zohar, another survivor, drowned in a pool at the age of 5 years. Since then, this impending death has not left him and he tells us about it. He tells us that from the moment he drowned until the moment when he was taken out of the water, nothing happened, a sensation of emptiness, of floating, of nothingness. He also saw a bright white light.

Thomas was a 7 year old child when he underwent surgery to the eye. The asthma he suffered caused complications, and he had a heart attack on the operating table. Today, he says that at the time, death seemed to him like a black hole, an absolute nothingness.

After dying as a result of heart failure for 10 long minutes, Kelvin also describes death as total blackness, a void accompanied by a feeling of absolute serenity and peace. She said she saw nothing, felt nothing except the void.