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7 Carcinogenic Foods that You Should Stop Eating

7 Carcinogenic Foods that You Should Stop Eating

Carcinogenic Foods that You Should Stop Eating

To preserve our health and ensure the best functioning of our body, we must choose our diet carefully, ensuring an adequate intake of nutrients and antioxidants. Nowadays, industrial and processed foods are taking an increasingly important place on our plates, which does not fail to reflect on our state of health. In this article, we will present the 7 foods that must be stopped immediately because of their carcinogenic effect.

Choosing the food to eat should not be based solely on taste preferences, but also on the nutritional value and origin of the food. It is therefore important to consume natural, fresh and preferably BIO foods to minimize exposure to pesticides and other toxic chemicals that are highly detrimental to health. To help you, here are the 7 foods that cause cancer, which must absolutely and immediately stop consuming.

7 carcinogenic foods to stop consuming:

1 - Canned food:

Practical and easy to prepare, they are nevertheless very harmful for health. Indeed, in order to prevent the food from adhering to the box and to prolong their life, they are treated with Bisphenol-A or BPA, a chemical substance used in the manufacture of plastic, responsible for the appearance of several diseases Such as digestive disorders, cardiovascular diseases and obesity. In addition, its ability to mimic the action of estrogen significantly increases the risk of breast cancer.

2 - Lighter juices:

Just like any light or light product, they contain a large amount of aspartame, a sweetener used instead of sugar. In addition to not contributing to weight loss, as confirmed by a study conducted by researchers in Illinois, the consumption of this synthetic sugar leads to an increase in the phenylalanine level in the brain, which lowers the rate Serotonin and promotes depression. In addition, a study in rats also showed that a diet rich in aspartame increases the risk of developing brain tumors.

3 - Farmed salmon:

The danger of farmed salmon comes from its high contamination of POPs, persistent organic pollutants that accumulate in the fatty tissues of humans and animals. In fact, a study published in 2004 showed that regular consumption of farmed salmon, more than once a month, increased the risk of developing cancer, unlike the consumption of wild salmon. In addition, the concentration of farmed salmon in POPs has been linked to higher risks of type 2 diabetes.

4 - Processed meat:

Meat consumption should be done in moderation because it is difficult to digest and may even increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, processed meat is rich in nitrates, compounds that transform into nitrites and carcinogenic nitrosamines. In addition, the latter are extremely dangerous for people with low acidity in the stomach, as they pass through the blood and can transform hemoglobin into methemoglobin, leading to asphyxiation or even death.

5 - Refined flour (purified):

Refining is a process that destroys the envelope of cereals, causing them to lose much of their nutritional value and vitamin and mineral content. In addition, it increases the concentration of starch cereals, which increases their glycemic index. The result: higher risks of diabetes and obesity.

6 - Genetically modified foods (GMOs):

Genetic modification is the process of removing, adding or modifying the genes of a natural food to make it more resistant and thus increase its productivity. However, the consumption of such foods has a great impact on health, and can cause various disorders and dysfunctions. Indeed, a study carried out by the Independent Information Research Committee on Genetic Engineering (CRIIGEN) on two groups of mice showed that signs of toxicity of the heart, kidneys, liver and brain appeared in Mice fed by GMOs.

7 - Microwave popcorn:

According to a study by a team of researchers at the University of Toronto in Canada, microwave popcorn may cause cancer. This is due to the presence of perfluorinated ACPFs or carboxylic acids in the packaging and which can contaminate the latter during "cooking". This includes the adverse health effects of microwave use, which include an increase in the number of leukocytes and a reduction in hemoglobin in the blood.