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You Know This Exercise From Your Childhood: But Do You Know What It Can Do To Your Body

You Know This Exercise From Your Childhood: But Do You Know What It Can Do To Your Body

Exercise From Your Childhood Do 2 Minutes A Day

Today, the practice of sport is generally linked to the desire to slim and sculpt his body without necessarily giving priority to flexibility. However, there are many trendy sports activities such as yoga, pilates, Swedish gym or modern dance that allow you to work flexibly while firming targeted areas of the body.

Flexibility is the key word even before starting the practice of a physical activity because it helps to prepare its body to the effort by carrying out exercises of heating which will allow to gradually increase the temperature of the body and to activate The blood circulation to relax the muscles.

During exercise, greater flexibility tends to increase the ability to perform larger movements and to progress progressively to be more comfortable in the exercise practiced. Finally, after exertion, do not neglect the stretching that is necessary for the evacuation of toxins caused by the practice of physical exercise and which will thus avoid the unpleasant sensation of aches.

To gain flexibility in certain areas of your body, including the legs, stomach and back, there is an exercise known to all that requires no equipment and it is possible to practice anywhere at all Time of the day, the bridge. Do it as soon as you have a moment or incorporate it into your workout routine.

An exercise to increase the flexibility of the body

By doing the bridge 2 minutes a day, you increase the flexibility of your body. It is a simple exercise to achieve that works the muscles in depth. Bring a carpet and lie on your back, spread your feet and hold your plants from your feet to the ground, bend your legs and place your arms stretched along the body. 

Peel your hips off the floor by slightly lifting your pelvis and tighten your legs by contracting your backside to form a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Hold for 1 minute, then blow and repeat for 1 minute. If you feel that it is pulling you are on the right track. Be careful not to pull too hard and not to force because you risk wrinkling a muscle. It is therefore imperative not to bend your back and practice this exercise gently while giving priority to breathing.

The bridge, for better posture

Beyond the muscular flexibility, the bridge certainly allows to activate, stretch and strengthen the back muscles but not only, it also helps to have a better posture. Indeed, this exercise is ideal for people who spend most of their time sitting (mainly in the office) because it allows to reinforce and decompress the spine, that is to release the tensions exerted on the muscles and The joints of the back, while firming the gluteal muscles and toning the lumbar.

An exercise to calm the pain

Who says better posture says pain reduction; We all have from time to time a throbbing pain in the back or on the shoulder or in the knee that goes and comes and that makes us unwell or even makes us suffer. To remedy this, adopt the posture of the bridge daily for 2 minutes and you will see the difference after a few weeks.

This exercise combats muscle and joint pain caused by the fact that the back of the legs (gluteus and hamstrings) is often neglected and not sufficiently stressed, which tends to cause pain in the back and knee. This happens frequently when one muscle is worked to the detriment of another. The advantage of the bridge is that it engages all the muscles of the legs, both anterior and posterior.

For a firm and sculpted body

The bridge is an exercise with multiple virtues, in addition to its benefits mentioned above, it allows to sculpt and firm evenly by working all the muscles of the body. Indeed, to make the bridge every day makes it possible to obtain, among others, a firm and toned gluteus. By having a nice backside round and round, you will have a feeling of satisfaction that will encourage you to maintain your attendance. Without forgetting that the bridge also applies all the muscles of the trunk, namely the thorax, the abdomen and the small pelvis; It helps tone the rib cage, work and stretch the abdominals and obliques and strengthen the waist to have a flat stomach.

By being motivated and assiduous about the daily practice of the bridge, you will do the greatest good to your body and your muscles. You will have a better posture both standing and sitting, you will help to relieve or even blur your joint and muscular pains, you will engage all the muscles of your body even those that you were not in the habit of soliciting and will be able to Strengthen your abdominals and glutes, and all that only in 2 minutes a day.

If you are not yet a deck enthusiast, do not hesitate and start. You can only be satisfied with its effects on your well-being and your silhouette.