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Hair Color : Do You Know What Your Hair Color Reveals About You

Hair Color : Do You Know What Your Hair Color Reveals About You

 Hair Color Reveals About

Each woman is unique but there are some similarities, especially between women with the same natural hair color. One often hears that the blondes are stunned, that the browns are enigmatic or that the redheads have a character of fire. But what is the basis of all this? Drop the received ideas and come to learn what each hair color really reveals of a woman's personality.

Hair color is a natural pigmentation of the hair follicles, determined by melanin. There are officially seven types of hair colors in the human being: black, brown, auburn, chestnut, red, blond and white. These categories are subdivided into several nuances. Several studies reveal that the color of a woman's hair has a great influence on her personality. Come learn more about your personality.

Women with brown hair

As the famous song says, browns do not count for plums, and proof is that they are imposing, confident women who assert themselves by being very self-assured. The brown color is very widespread in women, it can range from very dark brown to very light brown. There are several types of browns: brown hazel, brown golden, brown ash, chocolate brown ... But all the girls with brown hair have very close temperaments.

Brown is a gourmet color that reminds one of chocolate, it reveals a beautiful personality, rich, curious, intellectual and joyful. If you are brunette, you are certainly a woman with a perfectionist and ambitious character. You are also a bubbly and passionate person, besides, you are thirsty for love, adventure and exoticism.

Blonde-haired women

Let us definitely bury some accepted ideas, for the blondes have a personality in steel. Blond is a widespread color, predominantly in the Nordic countries at 75%. Women with golden hair love life and make the most of it. Optimistic and self-confident, they know what they are worth. They are sociable, friendly and jovial. In their love life, they are known to be the most loyal, the most loyal and the most generous in sentiments.

Women with brown hair

According to a 2002 study, chestnut hair dominates more than 50% of the French population. The chestnut color evidently includes the dark brown and the light chestnut. Often, this color is a blonde that has darkened with age. Women with brown hair are strong women of character, they interfere in all debates to be the sole arbiter. They like to defend the causes of the weakest.

They are also excellent friends, loyal, honest and faithful, you can be sure that your secrets will be kept well with them. They are women with an incredible sense of solidarity and an inexhaustible source of generosity, especially in what is affective. In love, they are more strict, they know how to decide when it is necessary. They are in both extremes: either they love passionately and involve body and soul in the relationship, or they put an end to it as soon as they feel no more feelings towards their companion. They are serious and do not give a chance to the one who wants to play with them.

Women with red hair

This color of fire makes those who wear it exceptionally attractive! Although they represent only 4% of the European population, redheads are highly appreciated by some men. They are generally passionate women, sparkling, radiant (in every sense of the word) and character a bit choleric. They often think of wild animals because they have that little feline side in them.

They are true artists in the soul, poetic, creative, gentle and smiling, they live with positive attitude and it makes them very beautiful. Speaking of beauty, they have this unique ability to perceive beauty everywhere, even in the most banal things. Their wild side does not stop them from being tender and dreamy in love.