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What Does the Half Moon Shape on Your Nails Mean?

What Does the Half Moon Shape on Your Nails Mean?

Half Moon Shape on Your Nails Mean

Do you know what the half-moon means at the root of your nails? The answer is much more important than what you believe!

This small white area around the nail is a sensitive and important part of the structure of the nail and must be preserved. Its scientific name is "lunula", and means small moon in Latin. It is more visible on the thumbnail but its absence should alert you as it is probably evidence of a pathology, an overactive thyroid for example.

The lunula

According to alternative medicine, the lunula could reveal crucial information about your health. It is even said in traditional Chinese medicine that its absence could be a sign of anemia or diabetes.

We must first of all know that the lunulae are the prolongation of the matrix of the nail, which is between the blood vessels and the nails. The matrix is round and the lunula is the visible part that should not be damaged as this could distort the entire nail. The blood vessels that pass through the fingertips provide nutrients to the dies, which in turn feed the nails.

To keep lunula and more generally your nails in good health, your blood must contain enough nutrients (especially vitamins and minerals) and especially, circulate properly otherwise, the matrices are not well nourished and the lunules are not visible. Of course, several factors depending on your lifestyle can influence the health of your hands: your diet, vitamin deficiencies, your environment, draconian dieting, psychological trauma, etc.

Sometimes the cuticles (the skin at the base of the nail) grow to the extent that the skin surrounding the toenails and hands partially or totally covers the lunula. This is why it is important to regularly do medical manicures or at least take care of his hands.

Color of lunula

The color of the lunula is a revealing sign of health in general and that of the nail in particular. If it is normally white, it could take another tint if you suffer from one or the other disease.

It could, for example, take a bluish color if you have diabetes or Wilson's disease. It is a genetic disease that attacks a gene present on the 13th chromosome and is due to poor elimination of copper by the body. Copper accumulates in the body and poisons the liver and cerebral cells. This important metal is found in various foods. It is essential in the body for the synthesis of many proteins, and intervenes in the function of red and white blood cells, growth, bone strength, etc. Wilson's disease manifests itself in several symptoms but the most visible is the bluish tint of the lunula. Do not hesitate to contact your doctor if you see any changes.

A reddish lunate or covered with red streaks could indicate the presence of a cardiac pathology.

If it is yellow, you probably suffer from a fungus at the nail. Plunge the affected nail regularly into a glass of vinegar and water to get rid of fungal infection voting.
What does science say?

Dr. James F. Balch revealed in his book Prescription for nutritional healing that the lunula of each finger corresponds to an organ and could reveal any disorder. The auricular would be linked to the liver, the annular to the kidneys, the middle to the intestines, the index to the circulation of the blood and the thumb the health in general. He adds that if all the lunules are present you are healthy overall but if they are absent you are probably tired, or suffer from either a lack of protein or atherosclerosis.