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Here's How to Lose Your  Belly Fat Quickly and Naturally

Here's How to Lose Your Belly Fat Quickly and Naturally

Lose Your  Belly Fat Quickly and Naturally

The abdominal fat has the unfortunate tendency to settle more quickly and easily than it disappears. It is not easy to get rid of it all the more so that to get there it must first be targeted and know what type of abdominal fat we are dealing with as the solutions to lose it vary according to l Where it is located.

Metabolic syndrome and subcutaneous fat

At first, we find the fat belly syndrome that is related to the metabolism and that creates cardiovascular risks. This syndrome requires medical consultation and a blood test to evaluate blood glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides as well as blood pressure and waist circumference. 

This syndrome affects both men and women, it is called "belly of beer" due to an unbalanced diet high in fat, fast sugars and alcohol. If it turns out that you are facing metabolic obesity, it is imperative to lose your abdominal fat by having a better lifestyle. To do this, take a healthy diet and engage in regular physical activity including endurance sports.

In a second step, there is another type of abdominal fat that, under the skin, is called subcutaneous fat. It reflects the consequences of a diet high in fast sugars and junk food and it is also caused by stress. Stress is a favorable factor for weight gain and makes the loss of abdominal fat particularly complicated. So even if you are thin, you may have subcutaneous fat, especially if you are a woman. To remedy this, you must consume fibers in large quantities, banish industrial products and especially relax! Physical activity is also recommended.

Now is the time to revisit your diet and reduce your caloric intake by taking the right actions to consume healthy and balanced products, conducive to the loss of abdominal fat.

List of foods that will help you burn fat in your abdomen

  • The apple: Nutrition specialists recommend starting the day by eating an apple. This fruit is ideal for burning fat because it is rich in nutrients, vitamin C and pectin. The ideal is to consume two to three times a day, you can also consume them in juice provided that there is no added sugar.

  • Celery: essential for a balanced diet, it helps to lose the fats thanks to its content of vitamin C and calcium. You can decorate your soups and celery salads because beyond its benefits, it is delicious raw or cooked.

  • The avocado: this fruit suffers from a bad reputation because estimated too much fat which is false; It is composed of oleic acid which promotes the loss of fat and delays the feeling of hunger. It is also rich in fiber and helps in getting a flat stomach. A healthy fruit par excellence, consume one a day and vary the pleasures.

  • Cinnamon: it has many benefits including the ability to produce heat and block the storage of sugar in the form of fat. Cinnamon helps regulate insulin. Consume it ground either by sprinkling your drinks with a teaspoon or adding it to your light desserts and fruit salads. However, cinnamon is to be consumed in moderation because at high doses it can cause tachycardia and nausea. This is why it should be avoided for children and pregnant women.

  • The cucumber: it is the ideal slimming ally thanks to its contribution of sulfur and silicon necessary to burn the abdominal fat. It is a diuretic that reduces bloating and promotes satiety and de-stocking of belly fat. Containing 96% water and 16 calories per 100 g, you can consume the cucumber every day without moderation!

  • Green tea: it has draining and burning-fatty properties that prevent bloating and help to get a flat stomach. When combined with a balanced diet and physical activity, green tea is effective at chasing abdominal fat through its components that prevent the storage of these fats. It promotes weight loss and fat mass in the abdomen. Three cups of green tea a day will help you lose fat by 3.5%.

  • The chili: it causes the process of thermogenesis, that is to say it allows to release calories in the form of heat as soon as it is consumed. Sprinkle your chili dishes, the better it is, and allow your body to burn 10% more calories than usual, or 125 calories.

Pepper is highly discouraged for people with irritable bowel syndrome and hemorrhoids because it can cause a burning sensation.