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An Incredible Recipe To Burn Belly Fats, Inner Thigh and Arms Fat

An Incredible Recipe To Burn Belly Fats, Inner Thigh and Arms Fat

Incredible Recipe To Burn Belly Fats, Inner Thigh and Arms Fat

The accumulation of fat in the body is one of the most common aesthetic and health problems and the most difficult to eliminate. Stress, poor eating habits, lack of sleep, etc. Are factors that promote it and thus increase weight gain. Luckily, just use a few natural ingredients to overcome it and regain an ideal weight and a harmonious body.

In order to lose weight healthily and effectively, it is paramount to begin by limiting your exposure to factors that go against your goal. It is therefore advisable to adopt new healthier habits, including:
  • A healthier diet rich in nutrients and fiber that improves digestion and provides a feeling of satiety that prevents nibbling and cravings for sweet foods
  • A regular physical activity which allows to tone and strengthen the different muscles of the body, while activating the metabolism of the body and allowing it to eliminate waste and toxins through sweating
  • A sufficient hydration which ensures the smooth functioning and the flexibility of all the tissues of the body and contributes to its purification through the perspiration and the urines
  • A healthy lifestyle, away from stress and lack of sleep that causes a state of fatigue and lack of energy that most people compensate by cravings.
  • To help you activate your metabolism and naturally get rid of your extra kilos, we offer below an easy to prepare and extremely effective beverage.

A natural recipe for a very effective fat burning beverage:

  • ½ glass of water
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 1 lemon or 1 grapefruit


To prepare your fat burning beverage, pour the baking soda into the half glass of water and stir a little before adding lemon or grapefruit juice to the mixture. Stir thoroughly until the bicarbonate is completely dissolved. It is recommended to drink this drink in the morning on an empty stomach, and to take your breakfast 20 minutes later.

Warnings :

Baking soda should be consumed in moderation. Excessive doses can lead to increased blood pressure, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and reduced absorption of certain drugs. Pregnant or nursing women and children under 5 years of age should avoid eating them.

Grapefruit should be avoided in case of medical treatment because it may interact with certain molecules and cause venous thrombosis, bone marrow damage or even cardiac arrest.

Benefits of this drink:

Among the elements that promote overproduction and storage of fats is the acidity of the body. Causing an inflammatory state, it pushes the body to protect itself by wrapping its internal organs of fat. By consuming sodium bicarbonate known for its alkalizing effects, you help your body reduce its acidity and therefore inhibit the storage of fat. As for citrus juice, it is very rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, which play an important role in the neutralization of free radicals, also responsible for fat storage. In addition, their fiber content helps to improve digestion, combat digestive disorders and provide a sensation of satiety that inhibits cravings for snacking and sweet foods.

Some uses in cooking baking soda:

Besides its cleansing, whitening and deodorizing properties which facilitate household tasks, baking soda is also very much appreciated in the kitchen. Indeed, it allows:
  • Eliminate residues of pesticides that remain stuck to the leaves and skin of your fruits and vegetables
  • Better preserve the color of your food when cooking
  • Neutralize the strong and sometimes unpleasant odor of certain foods
  • Improve the taste of certain bitter or acid fruits and vegetables (lemon, grapefruit, turnip, leek ...)
  • Reduce the effect of flatulence and bloating of certain foods, such as cabbages
  • Reduce the acidity of certain preparations, such as sauces or jams.