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Never Light These Kind Of Candles At Your Home No Matter What

Never Light These Kind Of Candles At Your Home No Matter What

Never Light These Candles In Your Home

To perfume the interior of their home, create a zen or romantic atmosphere, many people use scented candles. With vanilla, chocolate, rose ... the aromas are numerous and make the choice very difficult. Only those products that seem harmless can present a real health hazard. This is what this mom in the United States has discovered!

Meghan Budden is an American mother from the city of Hoboken in New Jersey, USA, whose story was reported by the CBS chain, after noticing something weird in her baby's nose.

Meghan Budden is a big fan of scented candles and used to light them at home. One day, she lit two at once and continued her daily tasks without any worry. According to the American mother: "The candles had to burn for 6 or 7 hours and I had not paid attention."

The next day, Meghan Budden notices black spots in her nostrils. This discovery was alarming, but when she took her baby to feed him, she began to worry. According to the comments of the American chain CBS, the inside of the baby's nostrils was all black. Frightened, the mother rushed to clean the soot from her baby's nostrils with saline. But to his surprise, small black spots persisted.

At that time, Meghan Budden, made the link between this incident and the use of scented candles. She took one to read the label and was surprised to discover that the candles should not be burned more than 3 consecutive hours. In no way did she imagine that such an innocuous gesture could endanger family life.

Why are perfumed candles dangerous?

According to experts, the pleasant aromas emanating from scented candles contain several toxic substances. This means that when inhaled, chemicals that are potentially harmful to health may also be inhaled.

The most pointed ingredient of the finger and which is used in the composition of scented candles is paraffin, a substance obtained by refining petroleum. It is more precisely used to manufacture paraffin wax, which is found in many candles. When they are burned, they release fumes in the air that contain almost as many toxins as the fumes produced by the cigarette.

In addition, scented candles also contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), chemicals hazardous to health. Formaldehyde, in particular, is a VOC that is found much in scented candles but also in deodorants. This compound has been classified as a carcinogen that impacts health and causes respiratory problems.
Scientists point out however that the use of scented candles occasionally is not very harmful to health. On the other hand, using several each day for years, and in enclosed spaces, can cause health problems.

Natural alternatives:

To perfume your home, without putting your health at risk, here are some natural and easy tricks to do.

The potpourris:

Potpourri are an excellent alternative to scented candles. It is a mixture of spices, leaves and dried petals which are placed in an open container after putting a fixing agent. Choose the flowers and spices that you prefer the scent and enjoy an interior with a pleasant smell.

A house spray:

Prepare your deodorizing spray at home with natural ingredients. For this, you will only need a spray bottle filled with water, to which you will add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Burn citrus peels:

If you like citrus flavors, then this very simple trick will please you. Burn the skin of an orange or lemon and the pleasant smell of this citrus will fill your whole house.

Diffusers of essential oils:

Invest in a good diffuser of essential oils, to enjoy the benefits of these and perfume your home. There are a variety of diffusers with different technologies. Choose what best suits your needs and your budget!