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You are not  A Fan Of Diets? No Panic We Have A Solution For You!

You are not A Fan Of Diets? No Panic We Have A Solution For You!

You are not  A Fan Of Diets

We all dream of losing weight without too much difficulty and without having to undergo restrictive diets where one takes little or no pleasure in eating. It has been scientifically proven that it is quite possible to lose weight without strict dieting. Specialists recommend a healthy lifestyle by choosing balanced eating habits. Here are a few.

A breakfast of king ...

In addition to being the first meal of the day, breakfast is also the most important as it allows to start the day by having sufficient energy to face it. This is why it must contain all the resources necessary for a healthy and balanced diet. Complete cereals, olive oil, protein, a sugar-free hot beverage (preferably green tea) and an unsweetened fruit or juice.

A Prince's Lunch ...

After having a good breakfast, it will be easier to lighten your lunch without necessarily depriving you because you will have the time to burn calories ingested. Indulge in vegetables, fruits, white meats, fish, whole wheat starchy foods and legumes. Do not skimp on the herbs to raise it up!

A poor supper

In the evening, you should eat light (soup or salad or steamed vegetables) and avoid starchy foods that are slow to digest. On the other hand, if you can not escape a hearty meal insist that it starts early in the evening so you do not go to bed while being bloated. Attention, dinner gives the end clap, nibbling before going to bed is to be banished!

Refine without starving!

To lose weight healthily, it is totally inadvisable to starve and skip meals. A balanced diet goes through healthy habits and nutrients good for your health. When you starve yourself, your body begins to tap into your muscle mass and not into your fat mass.

To be filled!

Have you ever felt satiated after eating a packet of chips or a packet of candy? Very unlikely. Foods rich in refined sugars are very low in proteins and fibers, elements necessary for a good diet. In case of cravings, turn to dried fruit, fresh or dried fruit and yogurts (to sweeten possibly with honey or maple syrup).

Put sun on his plate!
Adopting a Mediterranean diet is an ideal way to eat healthy without resorting to a strict diet slimming. It consists in consuming, without moderation, vegetables from the sun, fish, fresh and dried fruits, cereals, olive oil, dairy products made from goat or sheep and herbs.

Reduce its servings!

Eating in lesser amounts helps to lose weight as the body stores excess food ingested and turns it into fat. Reduce your portions gradually during your meals and avoid refueling. Decrease the amount of foods high in starchy foods and eat in smaller dishes.

Drink water before meals!

Researchers at the University of Birmingham have shown that drinking water before meals promotes weight loss. By filling the stomach, water reduces appetite and has a hungry cutting effect. Drink half a liter of water thirty minutes before eating and you will see the difference.

Sleep to lose weight!

There is a link between sleep and weight, so if you want to lose weight just sleep more and better. This link is essentially hormonal because during sleep one secretes leptin sometimes called "hormone of satiety" and during the awakening one secretes ghrelin, digestive hormone that stimulates the appetite. Lack of sleep thus promotes the feeling of hunger during the night.