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 Reasons Why Sleeping Naked Makes You Healthier

Reasons Why Sleeping Naked Makes You Healthier

You may think that by sleeping naked, you especially increase your chances of waking up with a big cold. Understand, because science proves exactly the opposite: leaving your pajamas, nightgowns or other baby dolls in your closets is beneficial to your health. Proof by five.

You've got hotter

This may seem paradoxical. One thinks logically that the more one covers himself to sleep, the more one is warm, especially if the temperature of the chamber is at 16 ° C, as it is recommended. In fact, you risk getting cold for about ten minutes, before your body turns into a radiator, thanks to the contrast between the outside temperature and that of the body. And we must know that the wearing of clothes slows blood circulation.

It is necessary to distinguish the temperature of the body and the sensation of heat. When the temperature of your body falls, you begin to have sleep. When it increases, you feel awake. So you need to help the temperature of your body fall when you want to sleep. That is why we return our pillows looking for the coolest face and we take our feet out of bed when we want to sleep. Unconsciously, we try to bring down the temperature of our brain.

You protect yourself against infections

We know: to protect ourselves from infections and bacteria, we have to wash ourselves every day. What we know less is that we must also ventilate the moist parts of our body, especially the intimate parts. Too much humidity contributes to the proliferation of bacteria. Sleeping bare is a good prevention.

You burn more calories
During the first minutes you spend naked in a bed, you shudder; So your body has to make an effort to warm up and therefore burns calories.

In addition, a recent study showed that poor sleep encouraged poor diet, greasy and sweeter. It is therefore capital for your line to spend good nights.

You stay young

Melanin and growth hormone are the main hormones that fight against aging. Gold sleeping dressed causes an unhealthy body heat that stops its secretion. Conversely, by sleeping naked, one helps the body temperature to lower, allowing it to further secrete these hormones, so to regenerate.

You have a more active  life
If you sleep accompanied, you know: the contact of your skin with that of your partner stimulates your desire to both. Sleeping naked increases libido and makes you want to touch your partner's body. This physical contact releases the hormone from attachment and well-being: oxytocin.