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She Holds A Garlic Clove Between Her Lips For 5 Minutes ? The Result Is Amazing!

She Holds A Garlic Clove Between Her Lips For 5 Minutes ? The Result Is Amazing!

Garlic Clove Between Her Lips

Little aesthetic, it has the annoying habit of appearing when you least expect it: just before a gallant date, an evening with friends or a job interview. The cold sore or labial herpes can become a nightmare, especially when you do not know how to treat it properly ...

But do not panic, we are here to teach you the right gestures and give the right foods to get rid of these pimples as efficiently and quickly as possible. You only have to open the door of your kitchen because all the treasures are there. But before, let's make a small point about the definition of a cold herpes.

What is cold sores?

It appeared as the nose in the middle of the figure. But what is a labial herpes?

Herpes simplex, a cold sore spot or more rarely a wild fire is an infection from a virus called Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1) that affects children and adults. It is extremely contagious, usually by direct contact. This button usually lasts one to two weeks and causes inflammation of the mucous membrane at the edge of the lip. It can be painful and even causes a very troublesome burning sensation.

One might suspect the appearance of a labial herpes to tingling sensations, tingling and sensations of heat at the level of the lip. You should know how to recognize them in order to treat them as quickly as possible, even before the button appears.

Factors that cause the appearance of a cold sore

- Fever is naturally a major risk factor

- Stress comes second. Anxiety and lack of rest mean that a cold sore appears as an alert sign.

- A disease, an operation, a corticosteroid treatment may also play a role in its appearance.

How to treat a cold herpes?

Herpes labialis is a viral but benign disease, it must be treated as soon as it appears. Of course, there are antiviral creams. But there are still other natural solutions that can help heal and that are sometimes even more radical.

1 - Licorice

Licorice is a powerful cure for viral infections and viruses. US researchers have confirmed its formidable effectiveness in fighting herpes, due to its content of glycyrrhizin and derivatives, antiviral substances. Japanese researchers have found that licorice has encouraging effects on AIDS patients. It is a powerful antiviral, so it must be consumed to fight against herpes. But beware, this food is not recommended for pregnant women, people who suffer from kidney failure, hypertension, cirrhosis of the liver and potassium deficiency.

2 - The garlic

He is the star of therapeutic food, perhaps the most complete, the most perfect. Garlic is known for its antiviral, curative and immune-enhancing properties, for its preventive effects on many diseases. It is a natural antibiotic, an antiseptic and a powerful antibacterial. Consumed raw or applied locally on the button, the latter does not risk to last long. Garlic is formidable against herpes, and it is proven!

3 - The milk

Milk helps to relieve herpes, slow down its growth, and helps to heal it because it contains lysine, an amino acid that accelerates this process. Apply fresh milk with a cotton swab to your button, and repeat as often as possible during the day.

4 - Ice cubes

A very burning fever pimple causes a rather unbearable burning sensation. And nothing better to reduce inflammation than cold. Place ice cubes in a clean cotton handkerchief and apply it to your herpes. Cold will greatly reduce swelling and reduce redness.

5 - The vanilla extract

It is a remedy little used but whose effectiveness is proven. Vanilla extract helps fight the herpes button. It prevents the virus from developing and slows down its evolution. It can be applied directly to the button.

6 - The essential oil of peppermint

The essential oil of peppermint has powerful antibacterial virtues. It is also anesthetic, analgesic and has calming powers against itching. It is also anti-inflammatory and refrigerant. It has everything to be anti herpetic. It should be diluted in vegetable oil before use, such as olive oil.

7 - Tea tree essential oil

Tea tree essential oil is widely used to fight juvenile acne and other pimples as it has a strong drying power. This oil also has the particularity of being anti-infectious, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitic. It effectively fights against cold sores. Apply to your button with a cotton swab then let dry, the oil will do the rest!