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Thanks To These Precious Tips, I Do Not Go To The Dentist Anymore

Thanks To These Precious Tips, I Do Not Go To The Dentist Anymore

Thanks To These Precious Tips, I Do Not Go To The Dentist Anymore

Since our earliest childhood, we are reminded to what extent tooth brushing is essential for good oral hygiene. In order to prevent mouth sores and have healthy teeth, care should be taken by brushing them 2 to 3 times a day, using good quality material and a suitable toothpaste, Essential to make this gesture fully effective.

Daily gestures to adopt

Ideally, it is recommended to brush your teeth three times a day for three minutes after each meal. However, for professional reasons, more and more people are brought to eat at the canteen or the restaurant at lunchtime. It is therefore not always easy to maintain the pace recommended by experts in oral health. This is why more and more dentists have made changes to this routine and today advocate two brushings a day (morning and evening after meals). An interval of twelve hours between the two brushings should in no way alter the oral hygiene and would limit the formation of plaque and the attacks of bacteria.

To replace lunch brushing, here is an effective substitute. You can eat an apple. This food cleans the teeth and leaves no deposits of sugar and food between the teeth. It is also not advisable to nibble between meals in order to limit the deposition of plaque.

As for brushing teeth, although it can be reduced to a frequency of two a day, do not skimp on the means and have a good quality material that will respect and care for your teeth and mouth.

Choose a suitable material

There are several types of toothbrush, hard, medium and soft. For people with sensitive gums, it is advisable to choose a soft toothbrush or possibly medium toothbrush, but the hard-tooth brush should be banned.

In addition to toothbrushes, you will have easy access to many accessories that will complete the brushing and complete the cleaning of your mouth and teeth. Whether it's dental floss or interdental brushes (to choose according to the space between your teeth), you will be spoiled for choosing level sizes and shapes.

You can find a plethora of brands and ranges of toothbrushes and accessories in pharmacies, medium-sized and large stores, there is something for every taste and for all ages!

Some have become addicted to the electric toothbrush that performs most of the work through its rotation system and which proves to be very effective as it reduces bleeding and plaque formation. There are also electric toothbrushes for children who want to be playful in order to encourage them to apply this gesture on a daily basis without reluctance.

Choosing suitable products

That said toothbrush obviously says toothpaste, but not just any one. It is necessary to buy a toothpaste by age and teething. Toddlers need fluoride-free toothpaste, while adults should use a suitable toothpaste, depending on your needs, that will not affect the teeth or gums. What matters is how you brush your teeth and not the amount of toothpaste you use, a dab of toothpaste on your toothbrush is enough to ensure good brushing.

To finalize your brushing and complete your care, use a mouthwash that will act against plaque and bad breath.

Adopt vertical brushing

To ensure the effectiveness of brushing, it is therefore important to perform the correct gestures recommended by the experts. You must brush the top and bottom of the jaw separately, and always brush your teeth vertically from the gum to the tooth by performing a rotary motion on each tooth. Do not forget the bottom teeth even if they are hard to reach. Then brush the inner face of your teeth, always vertically and finally, brush delicately the top of your teeth.

Grandma's Tip

You can also use the natural method to clean your teeth and fight bad breath to avoid any chemical: baking soda.

Baking soda is very effective against stains and gradually disappears thanks to the small crystals that compose it. Simply moisten the toothbrush, sprinkle with baking soda, brush your teeth as usual and rinse your mouth with clear water. The results will be visible after a few weeks. Be careful however not to use this method more than twice a week because in high doses its abrasive action can be aggressive for your teeth.