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13 Things Men Notice About A Woman Instantly : You Will Definitely Be Surprise

Things Men Notice About A Woman Instantly

"What did you like with me the first time you saw me?" ", This type of question is often asked by women after the beginning of a relationship. When it comes to decoding the thoughts of men, women are usually a little lost. To help you ladies, we have gathered for you the 13 things that attract the most men's eyes. Let's discover them together!

The 13 things men first notice in a woman:

Your beautiful hair

For a man to know if he finds a woman to her taste or not, he focuses first on the features of her face. However, some claim that they can decide just by looking at the back woman. Many will think that they will be interested only in its pretty behind, when in reality, it is the hair that catches their eyes. A shiny, well-groomed hair reveals that her owner is a woman who knows how to take care of herself.

Your proud posture

Men love women who have a proud look that reveals femininity and self-confidence. Those that are curled up on themselves are considered too shy or squarely enclosed. That's why, ladies, make sure you stand straight and proudly raise your head, while remaining natural and relaxed!

Her friends

Choosing your friends is a great indicator of your personality, and men do not fail to take this criterion into consideration. So if you find yourself in a group of people too noisy and behave inappropriately, the image you send back from you would be very negative. On the other hand, if you are surrounded by joyful but posed and discreet people, the male judgment will look much more in your favor.

Your Lips

It has been scientifically proven that the kiss was able to reduce stress and improve mood. In addition, further research has shown that an individual spends an average of 160 minutes of her or her life kissing. So it is not surprising that a man is attracted to the female lips. Take great care of them and do not forget that these gentlemen prefer them natural!

Things You carry with you

Ladies, believe it or not, all the bric-a-brac you carry in your purse, says a lot about your personality, or at least that's what men think. For example, a woman who always has a well-stocked make-up kit on it is a woman who places a lot of importance on her appearance while a woman who always has a book in her bag is a reader and has a profile intellectual. According to male representatives, a woman who does not have a handbag or a wallet is a disorganized woman and a bit cold, whereas a woman who does not detach herself from her deodorant and her brush Teeth, is always ready for anything!

Your smile

"Mouse, even if you're sad. You never know who might fall in love with your smile. " This sentence can not be more true, because the smile is one of the first things that catches a glance, provided of course, that it is authentic!

Your dizzy heels

High heels are the symbol of boldness and seduction. A woman who wears them is always the center of male glances. However, if you do not know how to walk properly with or feel uncomfortable, do not wear them! A gaunt step is not at all attractive!

Your gait

This point joins the previous one: a charismatic and feminine approach could only seduce by its assurance and its charisma. However, always be sure to stay natural and relaxed and do not walk as if you were participating in a fashion show!

Your attitude

The attitude of a woman is a determining criterion that will push a man to approach or to flee. So you can be as beautiful as a goddess, but if you are negative or you behave proudly or vulgarly, sir, do not hesitate to put as much distance as possible between you. A gentle, positive and joyful character has far more advantages than a cold and soulless beauty.

Your performances in dance

A devil of hell never goes unnoticed. In addition, in your exquisite way of following the rhythm of music, men will be dazzled by your natural, cheerful side and your feeling of being well in your body. So many qualities that will not leave them indifferent.

A unique style of clothing

A woman who knows how to choose clothes that highlight it while remaining chic and discreet is the one that will have more success with men. Indeed, the latter consider that the clothes too indented are vulgar.

Your backside

As we all know, roundness is the weak point of the masculine gender. So if you notice that a man does not look in your eyes, know that he can not detach her eyes from your beautiful backside.

Your feet

Just like the other parts of your body, your feet also deserve attention, especially if you are going to put on sandals. No man would appreciate seeing cracked heels or deformed toenails.