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Burn Belly Fat In 5 Days By Drinking This Before Going To Bed

Burn Belly Fat In 5 Days By Drinking This Before Going To Bed

Burns Belly Fat In 5 Days

There is an area where the fat mostly settles, it is the belly and the hips, it is called abdominal fat. Very resistant, it is difficult to get rid of it despite repeated regimes and the regular practice of sport. However, even if the brakes to fat loss are many, do not despair we have the solution!

Understanding Belly Fat

Storage of abdominal fat can be more or less difficult to eliminate depending on age, hormones, poor diet, stress and even lack of sleep. In order to put all the chances on your side, it is recommended to combine a healthy and balanced diet low in calories and high in fiber to the practice of regular physical activity.

Before anything else you need to know whether or not you need to lose abdominal fat. To do this, there is an effective indicator: this is the waist / hip ratio obtained by measuring the circumference of your waist (the thinnest part at the navel) and that of your hips large). It is necessary to divide the waist circumference by the turn of the hips.

For women, the ratio should be less than or equal to 0.8, for men it should be 1.

Reduce Abdominal Fat

On the daily life side, adopt certain habits that will help you burn fat:

Try to walk 10,000 steps a day: a study gathered a few men who had to reduce the number of steps taken every day from 10,000 to 1,500 without changing diet. It turned out that their fat grew by 7% after 2 weeks.
So head to a sports store to buy a pedometer! You can also download one from your phone via an application.

If you have a job that requires spending the day on a chair at your desk, you should think about moving as much as possible. Give breaks for a short walk in the company's premises, even five small minutes will do the trick. Try to banish the elevator and take the stairs as soon as you have the opportunity.

For you ladies, remember to always bring a pair of flat shoes (a pair of sneakers if you can) with you to the office, and swap it against your pair of high heels to go for a walk during your lunch break.

If you want to follow a targeted sports program, you should alternate cardio sessions and bodybuilding exercises. The best is to carry out an intense and short effort without exceeding thirty minutes preferring bridges and squats.

As for food, it must consist of low-calorie products such as whole grains, fiber, fruits, vegetables, olive oil, avocado and fish. Do not skip meals and do not forget to drink up to two liters of water a day, sugar-free green tea, herbal teas and draining drinks.
Here is the recipe for a drink that will allow you to burn your abdominal fat even during your sleep.

Burn belly fat

  • A cucumber
  • A bouquet of parsley
  • A lemon
  • One tablespoon grated fresh ginger
  • One tablespoon of aloe vera juice
  • Half a glass of water


Peel and cut the diced cucumber, wash the parsley and squeeze the lemon. Put everything in a blender and add ginger, aloe vera and water. Mix until a homogeneous drink is obtained.
Drink a glass of this fat burning beverage before you go to bed for five days in a row.

The Benefits of Ingredients

The cucumber, hypocaloric vegetable, is ideal if you want to lose your visceral fat because it consists mainly of water and fiber. 100 grams of cucumber contain 16 calories, making it the ideal ingredient in such a cure.

Parsley, very little caloric, is a mine of antioxidants: apigenin, lutein, beta carotene, and a source of essential nutrients: provitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin B9, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. All of these components reduce water retention while avoiding bloating and gases.

Lemon eliminates the wastes contained in the body, which allows to burn fat quickly because the evacuation of toxins tends to speed up the metabolism.

By its thermogenic action, ginger allows to increase the temperature of the body and therefore to stimulate the metabolism, which helps to burn the fat effectively.

Aloe vera juice helps to purify the body with the aloin it is made that promotes the elimination of toxins. In addition, it accelerates the metabolism and thus eliminates the adipose tissue of the abdomen.