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Here's How To Relieve Your Sciatic Quickly!

Here's How To Relieve Your Sciatic Quickly!

Here's How To Relieve Your Sciatic Quickly

Sciatica, which corresponds to the neuralgia of the sciatic nerve, may appear suddenly irrespective of age and cause severe pain throughout the nerve. These are usually felt at the lower back at the backside and extend to the toes in the form of tingling.

The pain usually manifests itself in a pinch in the backside and tingling in the legs that become completely numb.

There are many causes of sciatica including disc herniation, poor posture, trauma and a narrow lumbar canal.

It is possible to relieve it by trying the natural remedies below.


Spice used since the dawn of time, turmeric perfumes and colors many dishes. Beyond its culinary properties, Indian saffron is also known to be an effective anti-inflammatory in the treatment of pain thanks to the curcumin it contains.

Add a teaspoon of turmeric to a glass of warm goat's milk flavored with a cinnamon stick and drink twice a day.


It is a therapy originally used in traditional Chinese medicine which involves inserting needles on the surface of the skin to strengthen the defense system and treat dysfunctions of the body. It particularly relaxes the muscles, promotes self-regulation of the body by reducing compression of the nerve.

The massage

In normal times, a massage allows to relax the muscles and to relax it is even more the case for the people who suffer from sciatica. The practice of targeted massages improves the blood circulation and relieves of all muscular tensions.

If you want to massage at home, mix 250 milliliters of sesame oil with three tablespoons of nutmeg powder. Heat in a saucepan and let cool at room temperature before you massage with three times a week.

Alternating hot and cold compresses

A treatment based on warm and cold compresses relieves the pain because the cold numbs and desensifies the sciatic nerve, while the heat relaxes the muscles.

Use a warm towel as a compress and place it on the lower back for twenty minutes; Repeat the operation with a cold towel. Alternate for two hours.

Capsaicin cream

The hot pepper contains an active substance called capsaicin that is found in the treatment of arthritis pain, neuralgic and lumbar pain. The cream should be applied four times a day for two weeks on the bottom of the backside to decompress the nerve.

If this method causes a persistent burning sensation and redness immediately stop using it. This cream should not be applied to cracked or irritated skin.


Despite their unpleasant odor, fenugreek seeds possess effective anti-inflammatory properties in the case of sciatica, gout and osteoarthritis. Make a poultice: mix 250 milliliters of milk with ground fenugreek seeds and boil them to soften them. Apply to the painful areas and leave for a few hours. You can apply this dressing every day until pain disappears.

White willow bark

The white willow bark has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties to alleviate the pain of sciatica thanks to salicin and the glucosides it contains.

Prepare a decoction by bringing to boil three tablespoons of bark in 250 milliliters of water then let infuse for fifteen minutes. Filter and drink four cups a day before each meal.

Willow bark is not recommended for people with asthma, stomach ulcers, heart problems and anticoagulant therapy.

The root of valerian

Valerian root is indicated to relieve sleep disturbances, anxiety and relax the muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve thanks to the volatile oil it contains. Its sedative effect makes it a natural substitute for sleeping pills.
You can consume it either in the form of capsules (150 milligrams three per day for three weeks) or infusion several times a week.

If you suffer from sciatica, you must absolutely perform daily exercises to strengthen the abdominal and back muscles. Perform targeted exercises and activities such as yoga and swimming ideal for decompressing your spine.

Sessions at the chiropractor

To relieve sciatica, chiropractic proves to be effective in treating back and neck pain. The chiropractor initially determines the origin of sciatica in order to use the best technique to decompress the nerve and reduce inflammation.