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Do You Remember That Boy Who Was Going To Starve? Discover How It Has Become

In some parts of the world, the condition of children is very precarious. Poverty, hunger and disease deprive them of their most ess...

In some parts of the world, the condition of children is very precarious. Poverty, hunger and disease deprive them of their most essential rights, such as hunger, access to good hygiene and good health. Moreover, in some countries, popular beliefs cause children to be accused of being wizards, causing their families to abandon them and their communities to reject them, leaving them to their sad fate. Among the child victims of ignorance and mistreatment, the little Nigerian boy who was rescued by a Danish humanitarian had gone around the internet and capsized hearts. This is what it has become today.

Because of the extremely precarious and unstable situation prevailing in many parts of the world, various international humanitarian associations are trying, as best they can, to help the populations in need. Thanks to their calls for donations, these non-profit organizations try to raise enough money to buy food, clothes, hygiene kits, medicines, etc. And to reach the most needy.

Among the most touching stories experienced by humanitarian actors is Anja Ringgren Loven, a young Danish woman who saves a small Nigerian child from an imminent death.

An angel from heaven ...

As part of a humanitarian convoy in Nigeria and while traveling through the dilapidated streets of the country, Anja Ringgren Loven meets a 2-year-old boy, skinny and in a deplorable state of health. By publishing the moving pictures taken with him on Facebook, the young woman has succeeded in sensitizing several people around the world.

The little boy, who barely stood on his little legs, was abandoned by his parents who believed him to be a sorcerer. Also rejected by his community, the poor little one fed only the remains of food that he could collect in the street. It was obvious that he was suffering from severe malnutrition and that he would not stand long before he succumbed to it.

Remember that boy who was going to starve

Deciding to take care of him and save him from the imminent death that awaited him, Anja gives him the care and medical assistance he needs. She even gave him a name that perfectly fits her condition: Hope.

After 8 months of love, careful medical follow-up and care, the baby's health has improved markedly and his chances of survival, initially minimal, have increased considerably. He gained weight and is much happier, as shown by his pretty smile on the latest photos published by her benefactress.

Remember that boy who was going to starve

Moreover, in publishing this photo, the young woman wrote this touching message:

"The day I took this tiny little boy in my arms for the first time, I was almost sure he was not going to survive. Every inspiration he took was a fight for him, and I did not want him to leave this world without a name or dignity, which is why I baptized him Hope. Hope is a special name for me. Not only because of its meaning, but also for what it represents. Several years ago, I even tattooed the word "HOPE" on my fingers, because for me it means helping a person every day (Help One Person Everyday).