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Listerine: She Puts Her Feet In Listerine. A Few Minutes Later, The Result Is Surprising!

Often left behind because usually camouflaged under socks and shoes, the feet require some attention and deserve to be taken care of...


Often left behind because usually camouflaged under socks and shoes, the feet require some attention and deserve to be taken care of regularly. Leaving out can eventually lead to complications and pain that can be avoided through natural methods.

To take care of your feet, it is necessary to think to regularly moisturize them in order to avoid the bad surprises of the type dry skin, horn and dead skin. The skin on the feet is very thick and devoid of sebaceous glands (glands that promote the secretion of sebum in order to avoid the drying of the skin) they are often dry. Proper and daily hydration is therefore a must for healthy feet.

There are many homemade tricks to take care of his feet and moisturize them in depth:

Listerin Foot Baths

Essentially known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties within the oral cavity, listerin is a non-alcoholic mouthwash capable not only of freshening breath but also of treating the feet.

A thirty minute foot bath in listerine eliminates the bacteria and fungi that proliferate around the nails thanks to its antifungal action.

Pick up objects to fight the clawed toe

The claw toe is a malformation that mainly affects women over 50 years of age. The toes are permanently folded due to inadequate shoes (too tight or heels too high) for a long time. This phenomenon may also be hereditary or occur as a result of an accident.

Some exercises are effective to remedy this, this includes picking up objects with the toes to work and strengthen the muscles.

Care for light bulbs

Blisters are fluid-filled pockets that appear after friction or burning and usually appear on the hands or feet. Even if the majority of them disappear over time, it is possible to relieve and accelerate the healing of the most painful with the help of natural tricks.

Fill a cold green tea basin and dip your feet to deflate the skin and relieve the inflammation. Green tea is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Treating nail fungus:

Nail fungus is a condition caused by the development of fungi under the toenail. Even if it is benign, this pathology is however troublesome and can even be a source of complex, because of its unsightly aspect.

One study demonstrated the benefits of Vicks Vaporub in treating nail fungus. Composed of thymol, menthol and camphor, these principles make it an effective and satisfying treatment when applied directly on the nails and toes.

Enjoy the benefits of cold water

Cold water is good for health and skin because it activates blood circulation and promotes the transport of nutrients in the body. Foot bathing in cold water helps to relieve and relax them and especially to prepare the skin of the soles of the feet to exfoliation.

Relieve heel pain

In case of pain in the soles of the feet and heels, it is recommended to rest the foot so that the body repairs the wound. This phenomenon occurs mainly with athletes as well as with people who have an imbalance in the hips or pelvis.

Certain exercises are recommended, among them the one where it is recommended to roll a small bottle of ice water under the soles of the feet for ten minutes. This has the effect of reducing inflammation and pain.

Wear suitable shoes

The best time to buy shoes is the end of the day because the feet are a bit inflated, allowing you to choose a pair while anticipating the space necessary for comfort. They must be sufficiently wide, preferably leather for better support and composed of thick and non-slip soles for optimal support of the arch of the foot. The heels should not exceed four centimeters and should be compensated horizontally if possible.