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Lose 2.5 Pounds In One Week With These 2 Ingredients

Lose 2.5 Pounds In One Week With These 2 Ingredients

Lose 2.5 Pounds In One Week With These 2 Ingredients

In a society governed by the lack of activity and the omnipresence of junk food, losing weight can prove difficult. However, you can rely on certain natural ingredients to get rid of your extra pounds and recover better health and a finer figure.

Many people are constantly looking for diets or alternatives to lose weight fast ... But it is hard to find a diet that fits you 100% and makes you feel good about yourself. It must also be realized that a stable weight is synonymous with good health.

If you want to lose weight easily, naturally and without following this or that draconian diet, here is an effective and simple recipe to say goodbye to those pounds that bother you and the fats that pile up in the most sensitive places in your body. Prepare this mixture immediately and burn calories while you sleep or read a book!

Ingredients and preparation:

You will need 2 teaspoons of honey, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and 250 ml of water. Bring the water to a boil and pour it first on the cinnamon, cover the container and let stand until the preparation cools. Then, once the first step of the recipe is completely cooled, add the honey. Warning ! Never add the honey while the water is still boiling, it would lose all its properties.

How to consume this drink?

Drink half of it before going to bed and keep the rest for the next morning before breakfast. Be sure to be completely fasting as this recipe makes more effects on an empty stomach. You will see results in just 7 days

Benefits of Cinnamon

This spice has been known since the dawn of time for its medicinal properties and its slimming properties. Cinnamon helps to burn fat and calories because its consumption can speed up the metabolism. It works by releasing a molecule whose chemical composition produces heat in the body. As a result, the metabolism moves at higher speed to respond to these heat waves and regain a normal body temperature. While your body functions in this way, it also gets rid of unnecessary fat by burning as many calories as possible.

Plus, cinnamon is an excellent appetite suppressant and avoids snacking between meals. This brown spice, which can be found in sticks, powder or essential oil, has the specificity of lowering the level of sugar in the blood. When the blood sugar decreases, the insulin level automatically increases and reduces the fat cells. Cinnamon thus acts on the fat reserves because it regulates the rate of glucose. The whole process thus acts simultaneously on the feeling of hunger and prevents you from having any cravings for sweet food (chocolate, sweets, pastries, etc.).

Thanks to a regular consumption of cinnamon, you will eat much less between meals. Some studies have even shown that the simple smell of cinnamon helps to calm the cravings for eating sweet.

Benefits of honey

If you really want to lose weight, you should think about replacing the white sugar in your dishes and drinks with honey. White sugar has the sole function of sweetening, it does not enrich the body of any nutritional value while the honey tastes good and brings in mineral salts, vitamins and amino acids. It also has therapeutic properties and a multitude of health benefits. Honey is absorbed much more slowly by our body than sugar, making it a must-have ally for people who exercise. By incorporating honey into your diet, you will not want to eat between meals because, like cinnamon, it gives you a sensation of satiety, and cuts off your desire to eat other sugary, fatty and caloric foods.

Make a stone two strokes taking care of your body and your silhouette thanks to the benefits provided by the mixture of these ingredients from nature!