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This Mom Hasn't Gone To The Bathroom In Years. She Confidently Tells Her Story To The World Online

Crohn's disease refers to a chronic inflammatory disease affecting the digestive tract. This pathology, which evolves through impu...

 This Mom Hasn't Gone To The Bathroom In Years

Crohn's disease refers to a chronic inflammatory disease affecting the digestive tract. This pathology, which evolves through impulses, alters the quality of life of those who suffer from it because they are constantly prone to digestive disorders. In some cases, the situation worsens. The intestine is damaged, requiring removal of a part. Thus, to collect faeces, a pocket is installed in the belly of the patients. Living with a pocket is not always easy, but this mom assumes it perfectly.

Krystal Miller, 32, is a mother of two. At the age of 15, she was diagnosed with Crohn's disease.

This mom has not been going to the bathroom for years. She tells her story with confidence

As a teenager, she was very sick and often sick. She vomited a lot, almost always suffered from diarrhea and could sleep up to 22 hours a day, just to pass the time.

Krystal says the disease had a great impact on his social life. She tried to be like any 22-year-old, she also wanted to go out and have a party with her friends, but it was just impossible.

To relieve the symptoms of the disease, she tried different drug treatments and underwent several blood transfusions, but it was in vain.
His condition gradually worsened. His intestines were very damaged, so it was only natural that the doctor suggested that he remove some of it.

Krystal said she wanted to live differently, because her illness was gradually weakening her. She felt dying.

At age 22, Krystal underwent surgery to remove the large intestine and a small part of the small intestine.

The doctors withdrew almost six kilos of intestines and installed a pocket, called an ostomy bag to collect faeces.

The operation was successful and with a new breath and a new life, Krystal traveled to London to participate in an event to help people living with an ostomy bag wear the clothes they want while Feeling well in their skin.

Krystal perfectly assumes her illness and allows herself to put what she wants. She has created a Facebook page, Bag Lady Mama, and a blog where she shares her story and experience to educate people and teach them what life is like with an ostomy bag, Help other people in the same situation and support them. She wants to show them that they can enjoy their lives fully and even have children.

Krystal insisted on this, because her doctors had told her she could not have children, but now she has two. The pregnancies were certainly very complicated, but she was able to get there.

During her first pregnancy, Krystal had severe complications. His gut was punctured at the 37th week, but doctors only realized this problem 4 months after the birth of his son Lucas. She had to do another operation to remove another part of her intestine.
Following her experience, getting pregnant a second time was not an option for Krystal. She was afraid of having other problems, but she also out tried.

She also had four miscarriages before she became pregnant with her daughter. And again, pregnancy was not easy. The small opening on her stomach, where the ostomy bag is attached, stretched out which was very painful. But Krystal was able to hold until the end of the pregnancy and gave birth by low way.

Today, Krystal has two children and lives his life "normally". She empties her bag several times a day and changes the whole bag after a few days of use. The ostomy bag does not stop her from enjoying her life and putting on the clothes she wants. Krystal wears tight clothing, and suitable undergarments that help to flatten the bag a little.

This mom is supported by her family and especially her husband Shanon who encourages him enormously to work on his blog.

One week after the creation of his page, Krystal had some 722 likes. Today, it is followed by 34,087 people.

Through this platform, Krystal aims to raise awareness of Crohn's disease, which she describes as an invisible disease.