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4 Mistakes That All Women Make While Removing Pubic Hair. Attention To The N ° 3!

4 Mistakes That All Women Make While Removing Pubic Hair. Attention To The N ° 3!

 Removing Pubic Hair

Waxing the pubic hair is a common ritual, but there are still some mistakes to avoid, to have less harm and for your health. Here they are.

In case of goose bumps

When it's cold, we tend to have goose bumps, that's normal. What is not, is that you were thinking of depilating yourself at that time. Ladies, know that the skin should never be depilated when it is cold and you have goose bumps. Settle in a heated room where there is no draft and where you can strip yourself without being cold. Before you wax, think of massaging your skin, or better, take a warm bath to dilate your pores, so waxing the bikini will be less painful.

Gently with the wax!

Burning with wax happens to all girls except those who are very careful. Know ladies that your intimate parts are the places of the body where the skin is most sensitive. You have to take care of it. Heat your wax to a tolerable temperature so you do not get burned. And if this happens, it is imperative to go and consult a dermatologist who will give you the proper creams and care. Because some burns can cause more serious problems, or at the very least leave scars.

Caress "against" the sense of the hair!

Several girls indiscriminately go into hair removal without knowing the right techniques. Ladies, if this is your first time, make an appointment with a professional esthetician to show you the right things to do at home. Once in your home, be sure to depilate in the opposite direction to the hairs. This will allow them to tear away from the root, avoiding that they will break. If you do it in the direction of the hair, you may have to repeat several times because the hair will not all come out at once, and you may irritate your skin. We repeat: the skin on the pubic hair is extremely fragile!

Injuries and wounds

Whether your waxing is with hot wax, cold wax or a razor (which we do not recommend), you must pay attention to small wounds that you consider to be harmless.

Very often, small bleeding occurs and we do not pay attention, but they still have to be treated because even if your intimate parts has the characteristic to defend itself against bacteria, the skin of your pubis Not this advantage. It's up to you to know how to clean and sanitize your wounds with the right products. In these cases, we advise you to use essential oils which have the particularity of being disinfectant and antibacterial, such as tea tree essential oil or eucalyptus. Of course, they must first be diluted in a cream or a carrier oil before applying them.

Other tips to make hair removal easier and less painful:

  • Apply corn meal instead of talc on the area to be waxed to prevent the wax from sticking to your skin and irritating it.
  • Limit the pain by placing a cold compress on the freshly plucked area.
  • You should preferably spray in the evening, because it is in the evening that the skin regenerates and regenerates. In addition, if you depilate during the day, exposure to the sun and friction due to clothing may cause your skin to become even more irritating.
  • The warm wax is to be used only for the pubic hair, the legs and the underarms because the hairs are thick. For your face, opt for cold wax because the hairs are thinner so easier to remove, and this will avoid irritating the skin of the face which is very fragile nature.
  • Do not repeat hair removal more than twice in the same area as it may irritate your skin. If some hairs are recalcitrant, epilate them later, when your skin is less red.
  • Make exfoliating scrubs before waxing, they will make it easier.