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Apply This on Your Hair and Say Goodbye to White Hair Forever

Over time, or as a result of various other factors, our hair has undergone several changes. It can change nature, but also color! Fr...

Apply This on Your Hair and Say Goodbye to White Hair Forever

Over time, or as a result of various other factors, our hair has undergone several changes. It can change nature, but also color! From light brown to dark, or brown to white, these changes are not always appreciated! Whether it is the first white hair or white hair that has settled for a long time, the latter are often cause for concern, especially among women. Know Ladies, that it is possible to slow down their appearance and to conceal them naturally!

The appearance of white hair is inescapable. When white hair appears for the first time, they often create a shock, especially in women, because they are usually assimilated to aging.

Although it is generally known that they appear in their forties, the rule does not apply to everyone! White hair can appear very early in some people and late in others!

Understanding this natural phenomenon:

The canitie or the appearance of the white hair is a natural phenomenon which generally takes place following a drop in melanin production by the melanocytes, the cells responsible for the tint of the hair. When the latter are exhausted, the hair becomes white.

Know that once a white hair has appeared, this process is irreversible! The total whiteness may, however, be fast or very slow.

Causes of canities:

Until today, scientists do not present any specific causes of canities. But they have however determined many factors involved in the appearance of white hair, among which:

The stress

Heredity (If your parents had white hair early, you will definitely have them too)
Traumatic events

What to do in case of white hair?

You noticed white hair? There is no need to tear your hair out (because they will grow white again), since there are several ways to slow their appearance and hide them.

Generally, women panic at the sight of the white hair, and throw themselves on the first coloration they have at hand to hide them. Now, know ladies, that when you opt for chemical staining to overcome this problem, you embark on an endless adventure! And yes, you must constantly take care of your hair and track any white root, which does not delay to resurface.

Some women assume their white hair, no matter the age they have, and keep their hair natural.

But between these two categorical choices, you can always opt for natural colorations! Without toxic and aggressive chemicals, they are easy to use and durable. There are also several ways to delay the appearance of white hair.

Natural tips to slow the appearance of white hair:

Neem leaves and jujube leaves:

Mix a handful of dried neem leaves and dried jujube leaves and crush them. Add a little water to form a paste, then apply it on your scalp and massage well so that the mixture can be absorbed. Leave on for 10 minutes, then wash your hair. Use this remedy once a week.

Benefits of Ingredients:

Neem leaves are widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. This product indeed has many cosmetic benefits especially. It helps reduce inflammation of the skin and combat dandruff and prevent them. But not that, neem leaves are also prized for their ability to fight premature canities, cleanse the scalp, stimulate hair growth and make the hair more supple and brighter.

The jujube leaves are a bargain for the hair. In addition to washing and purifying, they reduce itching, combat dandruff and fight scalp diseases.
Amla powder and lemon juice:

In a bowl, mix the juice of half a lemon and two tablespoons Amla powder. Apply the paste to the scalp, then wash after 15 minutes.
This trick is effective for fighting white hair.

Amla powder helps to prevent hair loss, promotes their regrowth and combats early white hair.