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9 Bad Habits You Should Stop During Your Menstruation

Every few days a month, the m enstruation  lead us hard, leaving us plagued by throbbing pain and hormonal disorders that have a direc...

Bad Habits You Should Stop During Your Periods

Every few days a month, the menstruation lead us hard, leaving us plagued by throbbing pain and hormonal disorders that have a direct impact on our morale. While women often need tenderness and empathy during this highly turbulent phase, they are equally constrained to respect a few periods to better live this period.

Oh, the menstruation, every month is the same, our belly begins to dictate its law by making us undergo unbearable cramps, in addition to bleeding and having breasts all swollen and nerves flush . Some women suffer from dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain) and premenstrual syndrome, while others will experience no symptoms. These ailments are generally surmountable with antispasmodics and analgesics.

Here are 9 habits to avoid when you have your period.

1 - Do not change your sanitary napkin frequently

During or outside menstrual periods, taking care of one's intimate hygiene is paramount to avoid, infections, irritation or foul odors. Pull out your cotton panties from the closets, but they are to be preferred to synthetic fabrics because they promote less sweating. To return to the bacterial nests of hygienic protection, it changes according to the flow, after three or four hours. An omission on your part could well be worth you some infections and fungi.

2 - Do not move

You only want to snuggle in your cozy bed and leave it once your menstruation are over, this is not such a good idea. It is necessary to relax and avoid stressful or painful situations but do not barricade at home. Cancel your appointment for a full epilation and run yoga, yoga activity par excellence, or a walk on the seaside. By moving you, neither too intensely nor too little, you will activate the blood circulation and relieve menstrual cramps .

3 - Oh yes Vs No thanks!

Making love or not, that's the question! Having love making during menstruation divides the opinions, between those who say that love making is not contraindicated and those who bracket their intimate life! The majority of women flee intimate situations because they feel dirty. From the point of view of science, the flow does not prevent penetration, thus menstruation is not a contraindication except in cases of transmitted diseases. The blood promotes the contamination, if one of the partners is carrying an infection. It is essential to have protected relationships.

4 - Practice of sport

Women who undergo intensive training are often prone to menstrual disorders and even amenorrhea. Bodybuilding, cross-country running, professional ballet are all activities that, intensely practiced, alter the menstrual periods.

5 - Nibbling in the evening

Women tend to have stomachs in their heels during menstruation and rush to anything and everything, at any hour of the day, especially at night to fill the paunch. Wholesale error that makes them gain weight.

6 - Skipping meals

It is not advisable to skip a meal, under any circumstances and even more during your menstruation. The periods lead to iron deficiency, especially if flows are abundant. In addition, hormonal changes cause the blood sugar level to fall, which explains the cravings and cravings for sugars. Better to rely on nutrient-rich foods.

7 - Not getting enough sleep

Filling up with sleep and adopting the fetal position would help to alleviate menstrual cramps by relaxing the pressure of the abdominal muscles. Sleeping on the stomach compresses the uterus and promotes leakage as well as abdominal spasms.

8 - Consuming a lot of dairy products

Calcium relieves menstrual syndromes, women need to double their daily intake from 600 mg to 1300 mg. Nonetheless, dairy products are to be replaced by other sources of calcium, as they contain arachidonic acid, which is the source of prostaglandins, causing contractions.

9 - Take out the handkerchiefs!

Crying before depressing songs or movies makes you happier? Certainly not when one has his period, let alone the horror movies, unless the sight of blood does not horripile you. Prepare a herbal tea, storm the remote control and instead put a film with rose water that is unbound by a happy ending.