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Say Goodbye To Dental Plaque And Bad Breath With A Single Ingredient!

Say Goodbye To Dental Plaque And Bad Breath With A Single Ingredient!

Say Goodbye To Dental Plaque And Bad Breath With A Single Ingredient

Some think it is enough to brush your teeth on awakening, to chew a chewing gum or lozenges to suck or to spray your mouth with an oral spray to eliminate the bad bacteria. However, 1 million French people are zapping the brushing stage and among those who apply it, 88% do not do it well. Race results: Dental plaque accumulates and causes serious periodontal problems, including tartar, caries and other gum disease. If you have the phobia of doctors, here is a natural trick that will accomplish wonders on your teeth and refresh your breath.

What is plaque?

It is a whitish deposit that consists of acids, minerals contained in saliva, food residues, sugars, bacteria and toxins they secrete. This bacterial amalgam attacks the teeth and causes caries and irritation of the gums which can eventually cause severe periodontal disease and loss of teeth.

The more this irritating bacterial cluster develops, the more dental plaque gets calcified and transforms into tartar, which promotes the development of gingival and periodontal diseases, including gingivitis, which is an inflammation of the gum. Inflammation and bleeding occur on the gingiva as the immune system reacts to this bacterial invasion. In the absence of treatment, this inflammation may be complicated in periodontitis.

To combat dental plaque and prevent it from mineralizing, it is necessary to adopt a rigorous oral hygiene. This includes :

Regular brushing, including the tongue, for at least three minutes after each meal, the use of a toothbrush with neither too soft nor too hard bristles, so as not to spread the dental plaque instead of eliminating it Nor spoil the enamel of your teeth; The use of brushes to clean the side faces and between the teeth.

Coconut oil based natural tip to eliminate plaque

Want to cleanse your mouth, restore your teeth to their former splendor and get rid of coyote breath? So invest in natural products that are non-irritating and very effective! If you still do not know the very popular technique of "oil pulling", it's time to get going. This treatment, which has been a rage for some time, is inspired by the Ayurvedic rituals. In India, this mouth-to-oil bath is called gandoush.

Concretely, it is a matter of rinsing the mouth with coconut oil to significantly reduce the plaque. Do you think it tiresome or disgusting to gargle with coconut oil? Think about the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits of lauric acid, which is naturally present in high concentration in olive oil, which will directly attack streptococci, these nasty bacteria that weaken the enamel of your teeth.

Irish researchers at the Athlone Institute of Technology have shown that coconut oil stops the development of bacteria. Remember that this oil is lipophilic, that is to say that it attracts and imprisons the fats contained in your mouth; Which themselves contain toxins. Hence the use of mouthwashes to purify your mouth of the harmful bacteria that develop there.

It is also possible to combine the cleansing benefits of baking soda and coconut oil by making a homemade toothpaste based on these two ingredients.

Did you know that coconut oil in addition to being a beauty ally, has amazing nutritional qualities very similar to those found in breast milk. In addition, it has anti-fungal and antiviral properties that support the immune system, fight intestinal fungi and regulate blood sugar levels and improve brain activity.

Coconut oil is also effective against halitosis

In the same way as dental plaque, halitosis or bad breath can become a veritable calvary on a daily basis. This phenomenon is generally caused by the bacteria naturally present in the mouth that develop through the fermentation of food residues. 

The unpleasant smell can also be attributed to other diseases, especially the oral or digestive tract. Again, coconut oil helps to eliminate the pathogenic bacteria that swarm in your mouth, to find bright teeth of whiteness and fresh breath. Of course, this does not dispense with the brushing step after each meal.