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She Pours A Bottle Of Coca On Her Hair: The Result Is Incredible

Women always pay special attention to the care of their skin and hair. So they do not hesitate to invest in different cosmetic produ...

Pours A Bottle Of Coca On Her Hair

Women always pay special attention to the care of their skin and hair. So they do not hesitate to invest in different cosmetic products and try different grandmother tricks. Besides, one of these is to pour Coca-Cola on her hair. Let us discover the results of this unusual method.

Despite its detrimental effects on health, Coca-Cola remains a very popular and widely consumed beverage around the world, for its refreshing and thirst-quenching effect. Moreover, in addition to consuming it, some people have managed to find in this drink, multiple domestic uses. Coca-Cola has become an effective cleanser, which can, among other things, help to overcome the most stubborn stains of blood and fat, to rid the toilet bowl of tartar deposits, To make the copper utensils shine, and to remove the rust from the various metallic tools.

But this is not all. In addition to these household uses, Coca-Cola would also be used in the field of beauty, and in particular hair care. The beautiful actress and British fashion model Suki Waterhouse, even revealed that this drink was the secret beauty of her hair. So how does this Coca-Cola trick work?

Why apply Coca-Cola on her hair?

With its content of phosphoric acid and its pH of 2.5, Coca-Cola is an acidic drink which, when it comes into contact with the hair, makes it possible to tighten the scales and to close them, which gives them a more Shiny and smoother. Moreover, when the hair is naturally curled, Coca-Cola will tend to boost their natural curve, thus highlighting their movement.

As for the sugar with which this drink drinks, its molecules that cling to the hair give them a thicker and bulkier appearance.

How to apply it?

Before giving you the method of applying this tip, it is important to clarify that it is not suitable for all hair types. Indeed, very curly hair becomes even more rebellious and brittle after this bath with Coca-Cola. On the other hand, the best results appear on fine hair, naturally stiff and with little frizz.

For starters, your hair must be clean and dry. Brush it carefully to untangle it, then bend your head over a basin or sink, and bring your hair forward. Pour a sufficient amount of the beverage evenly over your hair, then leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and thoroughly with clear water to remove any residue. An insufficient rinse will leave you with greasy and sticky hair, once well dried.

Warnings :

Because of its low acidity and high sugar content, it is recommended not to exceed one application per month or every two months, to prevent any harmful reaction or damage to your hair. You can also try this trick on a single wick, then depending on the result you can (or not) adopt it for the whole of your hair.