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She Wanted To Know What Her Husband Was Doing With Her Child In Her Absence: She Did Not Expect That

They are still the exception, but more and more men are staying at home to raise the young. This man is one of those hen dads who ta...

She Wanted To Know What Her Husband Was Doing With Her Child In Her Absence

They are still the exception, but more and more men are staying at home to raise the young. This man is one of those hen dads who take pleasure in coaxing and playing with their toddlers while instilling in them fundamental values. A nice complicity.

That a man takes care of the household, it was unthinkable a few years ago, but times have changed. Nowadays, fathers are no longer as hermetic at mothering. They become more and more involved in the education of their children: they pamper them, take them to the nursery, feed them ... real hens! More attentive, more affective, they spend more time with their cherubs, and that is all the better.

Being a dad also means spending time with your child

A father must be ubiquitous at every key moment in his son's life: being there to make him wash or exercise, be a gaming partner, attend school birthdays and shows, explain the world to him, help him To share good and evil, to scold him when it is necessary, all this is part of the role of the father.

At home, it is important to live simple moments, made of laughter and dialogue, to create and strengthen ties between parents and children. American researchers highlight the health and well-being benefits of having a father and argue that the most playful activity for the child is to be a family.

Dads are not always very gifted in this kind of relationship, for some of them, even when they are full of goodwill, authority, fear of intimacy or modesty prevail. It is not a new fact, not to be satisfied to support one's vital needs and to be close to his child is of great benefit to him. Fathers who are involved in the education of their children make them immune to behavioral disorders.

Conversely, neglecting the child by leaving it in its corner can have consequences for the parent-child relationship as well as the child's development. It is in the best interests of adults to create truly personal relationships that differ from the hierarchical relationship. So there's no harm in falling back into childhood and playing with her child. To take part in his whims, to slip into the skin of a character. This is how you learn the most about what is going on in your head or that you will make him talk about his relationships with his schoolmates. If you do not make this "living together" so beneficial, from a young age, you will find it difficult to memorize your child, let alone share other moments of complicity when he reaches adolescence.

A dad with his son, while Mom is not there it gives what? A joyful upheaval!

You know that a father or a mother does not play the same way with his children. The cliché of the daredevil father is proven. Dads tend to encourage their children to take risks and explore new playgrounds, while mothers are more focused on safety, stability and keep an educational perspective in their games. The study found that fathers who engage in recreational activities with their children "protect" them from anxiety symptoms and help them develop their creativity but also their sociability and common values.

Not always easy to entrust baby to Dad when Mom is not around. Some mothers make the chicken wonder if their husbands take care of the little one, far from suspecting that these face to face are actually a real part of pleasure!

A dad, Emio, decided to record a video of himself in time lapse with his son while his wife Stephanie is absent. When she watched the video, she was as excited as she was surprised! And for good reason ! The tender and funny video shows the two companions, alternately playing, making music, hopping, in a joyful cacophony. Apart from the great complicity which binds them together, the father, anxious to set an example for his little piece of cabbage, hardly higher than three apples, takes care to put everything back in order, aided by his cherub before That the mother is back. A beautiful way to have fun with his son while educating him.