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Doctors Are Shocked: This Woman Drank This Recipe And Lost Half Her Weight In 3 Months

This Woman Drank This Potion And Lost Half Her Weight In 3 Months Still to fold our ears with an umpteenth miracle scheme to melt in n...

Doctors Are Shocked: This Woman Drank This Potion And Lost Half Her Weight In 3 Months
This Woman Drank This Potion And Lost Half Her Weight In 3 Months

Still to fold our ears with an umpteenth miracle scheme to melt in no time, will you tell us? We reassure you there is no question of an express diet, but a detox drink, based on two ingredients that you certainly have in your kitchen, and which as part of a healthy diet and exercise sufficient Helped a woman lose half her weight.

You gain weight, suddenly or over the months, without really realizing it. And when you realize it, weight loss is not such a small matter. Let's be honest, a diet is often drastic and not always fruitful and it is not by feeding you on green salad or fasting that you will lose your extra pounds.

Are you a sweet beak? Coca addiction and other junk? This may explain your overweight. You are not the only person whose eating habits are marked by the ubiquity of soft drinks. These, like any processed food, are an important source of lipids, added sugars and, in turn, calories. And as you are never satisfied, these ingested calories are added to those provided to you by any other meal consumed in the day. Excess calories leads to excess weight.

And if you take charge to lose your superfluous, healthy and serene kilos, incorporating this home made weight loss drink, into your food routine. It will have the merit of quenching you, in addition to feeding your body with minerals, trace elements and vitamins and to rid it of toxins while regulating the digestive functions. A 100% natural draining drink that goes well with a balanced diet. To sip at will, at any hour of the day.

Weight loss drink with cinnamon and honey

This drink acts as an appetite suppressant avoiding you succumbing to nibbling between meals. It also has anti-retention actions, anti-cellulite in addition to cleansing the intestines and facilitating fat burning. All this is possible thanks to the cinnamon and honey that make up this drink.

Why deprive yourself of the benefits of lemon, green tea or turmeric? Add these to this drink for more efficiency.


Dilute in a liter of boiling water a spoonful of cinnamon powder. Let infuse for 30 minutes. You can now add to your preparation a spoon of honey, mix. It's ready to taste!

The benefits of cinnamon

This auburn spice with the intoxicating scents of the sun is good at everything. In addition to being anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antispasmodic, it is concentrated in fiber, manganese, calcium and iron. Known for its hypoglycaemic properties, it is recommended for people with type 2 diabetes, it stimulates the production of insulin and lowers the level of sugar in the blood.

It is also very useful in the treatment of cholesterol, it is also the ally of the brain that it protects from degenerative diseases like Parkinson. Infused with lemon and honey, it promotes digestion and stimulates the immune system.

The benefits of honey

In addition to its sweetening power and its nourishing properties, honey has many curative properties against cough, insomnia, sinusitis and even wounds. This elixir provides vitamins A, C and B and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, and potassium. There are a variety of honeys effective against sleep disorders, cardiovascular diseases and kidney problems.

Some ideas of weight loss drinks:

To vary the pleasures, here are some ideas of remineralizing drinks which should not be deprived to clean up its digestive system: Warm lemon and thyme water, apple and pineapple juice, lemon green tea, pineapple smoothie And guarana, celery and spinach smoothie, cucumber, mint and ginger detox water, goji berry tea, apple and pineapple juice.