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10 Great Tricks With Vinegar, You Would Never Have Thought Of The Sixth

10 Great Tricks With Vinegar, You Would Never Have Thought Of The Sixth

10 Great Tricks With Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most essential products in our house. In addition to its culinary use, it also represents a healthy and natural alternative to many detergents and cleaning products. Discover its unusual but very practical uses for everyday tasks easier to achieve!

10 Unusual uses of vinegar:

1 - To preserve the color of your clothes

White vinegar is much appreciated for its ability to fix the colors of clothes, especially when they are dark. In order to preserve the brightness of the colors of your linen and to prevent it from losing its color during washing, soak it in advance for 15 minutes in a basin of cold water and vinegar. You can also add 25 cl of vinegar to the rinse water.

2 - To preserve softness

To obtain a soft cloth, without the use of softeners sold in supermarkets and which are full of chemicals responsible for many cases of allergies and health problems, simply use white vinegar, known for its ability to Relax the fibers of the tissues. Pour one ½ cup into the compartment for each wash cycle. You can modify the quantity used according to the result obtained and the degree of hardness of your water. For a better fragrance, add 2 to 3 drops of essential oil of lavender.

3 - To clean underwear

Disinfectant and deodorant, vinegar is the ideal cleaner for underwear. In addition to cleaning and removing stains and odors, vinegar also helps preserve the delicate fabrics of your lingerie.

4 - To remove spots of powdered detergent

With a cold wash, powdered detergent sometimes has trouble dissolving. Result: white marks on your clothes. To get rid of it, soak a piece of clean cloth in white vinegar and dab the stains before rinsing. For easier, soak the stained cloth in a basin of vinegar water, one cup of vinegar in a liter of water.

5 - Against the smell of cigarettes

If on the return of an evening, the smell of the cigarettes clinging to your clothes, the vinegar is here to save you! Soak your clothes in 1 liter of water mixed with a cup of vinegar, before washing them.

6 - Tackling stubborn stains

Whether it's sauce stains, oil, sweat, or whatever, white vinegar is a very effective stain remover. For a clean linen, soak it in a basin filled with 2L of water and 2 cups of white vinegar, and soak for at least 30 minutes. Then, rewash your clothes.

7 - Against animal hair stuck to clothing

Having a pet is very beneficial for your morale, but when it comes to peeling off your hair from your clothes, you are much less satisfied! Rest assured, there is a simple and very effective solution to this problem. By relaxing the fibers of your clothes, the white vinegar will facilitate the relaxation of the hairs and therefore their elimination. Simply add ½ cup to your laundry soap before throwing your machine.

8 - Against static electricity

To avoid sparks and erect hairs as soon as you put on your clothes, put a cloth soaked in white vinegar with your clothes and put it through the dryer. Once the cycle is over, there will be no more static electricity responsible for these phenomena.

9 - To disinfect underwears

In summer, kids tend to forget to dry their swimsuit after a day at the pool. Result: a smell not at all pleasant. To clean and remove chlorine residues and bacteria multiplied by prolonged contact with water, soak them in the water and vinegar mixture for 30 minutes before rinsing and drying in the sun.

10 - Against scale deposit in your washing machine

To clean your washing machine, vinegar is your secret weapon! Pour 2 to 3 liters into the tray, then run a wash cycle leaving your machine empty. Moreover, by adding a little of this magic liquid to your linen, to each wash, you will prevent the formation of new limestone deposits. This will extend the life of your washing machine.