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Here Is Why It Is Absolutely Necessary To Add Bicarbonate To Your Eggs! The Reason Is Ingenious

Here Is Why It Is Absolutely Necessary To Add Bicarbonate To Your Eggs! The Reason Is Ingenious

 Add Bicarbonate To Your Eggs

Eggs are among the most common foods in our diet. The basis of several recipes of dishes and desserts, they bring to our body a large amount of nutrients and many benefits. To enjoy these, it is possible to taste them flat, scrambled, hard or even to the hull. To help you cook them like a chef and peel them like a pro, here are some simple tricks and proven effectiveness!

On hearing about eggs, many people remain on guard because they have the bad reputation of increasing blood cholesterol levels.

Several scientific studies have been able to establish the truth and prove that the consumption of eggs had only a minimal effect on blood cholesterol. Thus, by banishing the eggs from your diet, you miss out on a true mine of nutrients and benefits.

Some benefits of eggs:

Very rich in antioxidants, minerals (iron, phosphorus, zinc ...) in vitamins (A, B7, B9 ...) and in proteins, eggs help nourish the different body tissues, strengthen bones and teeth, Functioning of the brain and to combat aging and cardiovascular diseases.

Moreover, their consumption is highly recommended for people who suffer from a lack of appetite, because it allows them to avoid the deficiencies, the decrease of energy and the ensuing health problems.

To take full advantage of all their virtues, here are some tips that will help you cook them well and peel them easily.

Simple and practical tips:

Before talking about these tricks, here's how to know if your eggs are fresh or not.

To determine the level of freshness of your egg:

Simply place it in a container filled with water:
  • If it flows and is placed horizontally - lying on the side - it is quite cool
  • If it flows vertically, it is moderately fresh and therefore to consume quickly while avoiding to use it in recipes made from raw eggs
  • If it floats, it is not at all fresh and therefore unsuitable for consumption.

To avoid breaking the hard boiled egg:

If you always get with a broken and unpresentable egg, then you have to add a teaspoon of baking soda to the cooking water. This will help you to peel your eggs with ease.

You can also soak them for a minute in cold water after cooking, to facilitate the detachment of the shell.

To prevent the egg from cracking during cooking:

Sometimes, by boiling an egg, it can crack and let a good amount of white sound flow. To prevent this, add salt to the cooking water, which will accelerate the coagulation of the egg white and thus reduce the amount that will escape from the crack. For added efficiency, you can also add a fillet of vinegar.

If you use freshly stored eggs, you can prevent cracking by avoiding placing them directly in boiling water. Instead, place them in a pan of cold water, put it all on the heat and let it heat gradually.

If you are in a hurry, run them under warm water before putting them in the pot of boiling water, to prevent the thermal shock from taking place and thus limit the risk of cracking.