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Bad News For People Who Shave Pubic Hair!

Bad News For People Who Shave Pubic Hair!

Shave Pubic Hair

Unlike what one might think, the practice of hair removal is not from today or the 90s. It goes back to the Greek and Roman times, where women For aesthetic reasons were already depilating. But it turned out that the depilation and especially the shaving of the intimate parts was dangerous for the health. This article explains in detail why it is no longer necessary to shave the intimate parts.

According to a survey carried out in 2006, women spend an average of 1H21 per month waxing and this time can reach 2H 28  for young women between 15 and 25 years. Today, it seems that the depilation of the intimate parts can make you much more exciting and brighter. However, this practice can cause you serious problems.

A risk of infection may occur after shaving the intimate parts

Hair removal and shaving of the genitals can facilitate access to bacteria and human papillomavirus (HPV). This virus is often contracted due to injuries in the hair follicle.

Young people between the ages of 15 and 24 are especially affected by this virus, which is easily transmitted during the first years of intercourse activity.

The pubic hair, just like the other body hair, is there for a good reason. They prevent the penetration of dirt and dust into the woman's intimate parts and also allow to temper the body.

The dangers of pubic hair removal

According to the same survey, 83% of women, all slices of ages combined, are shaving their legs, 73% armpits and 54% the jersey. Wax is the most widely used method (36%), in front of the razor (33%), the electric epilator (17%) and the depilatory cream (13%). Shaving pubic hair is a great danger to your health, discover with us all the consequences of this practice.

1 - Skin irritations: Irrespective of the method used for shaving, irritation problems occur. In direct contact with the fabric of pants and lingerie such as lace or during intercourse, your skin becomes very sensitive to friction.

2 - Venereal transmitted diseases: The important role of pubic hair is to protect the genitals against infections. Because of the regular and complete hair removal, the access of the bacteria becomes easier.

3 - Pheromones: They are comparable to hormones and they play an important role in personal appeal through smell. By removing the pubic hair, the specific odor of the genital area will disappear and the pleasure will diminish.

4 - Body temperature: The pubic hair also serves to maintain a good temperature in this intimate zone. 

Tips and Tricks:
  • Cut hairs instead of shaving because there is no risk
  • Keep this area clean by using water and changing lingerie daily
  • Keep your pubic hair dry
  • Get rid of ingrown hairs to avoid pain and infections
  • Use sweet almond oil to soothe irritations