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This Mom Wants Everyone To Know The Truth About The Women Who Have Had A Caesarean Section

This Mom Wants Everyone To Know The Truth About The Women Who Have Had A Caesarean Section

Caesarean section

Caesarean section was once used for very specific reasons and in cases of extreme urgency. Today, this technique is more and more practiced. After just a few hours of her caesarean delivery, Olivia White tells her story to let everyone know that this practice is not an easy solution.

Caesarean delivery is a surgical procedure carried out in the operating room, it is performed under anesthesia, usually by epidural.Whether scheduled or carried out urgently. And only one woman in five gives birth with Caesarean section, according to a British study.

Caesarean section is not an easy solution

Olivia White is an Australian blogger who has just given birth for the second time by C-section. After a few hours of her delivery, Olivia shared on her account Instagram a picture of her belly swollen and covered with threads.

The mamma is happy and proud of her, describes her experience by publishing a strong message while keeping her humor. She showed her wound 15 centimeters and her uterus swollen.

This woman wants everyone to know the important truth about women who have had a Caesarean section

The decision to give birth by caesarean was not a choice. During her first pregnancy, Olivia suffered many complications and her delivery was triggered. She had to give birth by a low route, but unfortunately the work was particularly long and laborious, and it was no longer possible to give birth by a low birth canal despite the young woman's efforts: an emergency C-section was therefore carried out.

The young mother could not enjoy the first days with her baby because of the pains and medications she was taking. From the beginning of her second pregnancy, Olivia was prepared for a second Caesarean section that she could not escape.

This woman wants everyone to know the important truth about women who have had a C-section

What you need to know about caesarean section

The caesarean is done under anesthesia, the epidural is the most used anesthesia in this procedure. But in cases of extreme urgency, the patient can be operated under general anesthesia. There are two types of Caesarean section, horizontal about 10 to 15 centimeters and is realized above the pubis and vertical that takes place from the navel to the pubis.

Patients are always asked to shave pubic hair to best incise the abdomen and uterus. The skin of the abdomen is disinfected and a probe is placed thereafter in the bladder, in order not to hinder the surgeon during the operation. The doctor first incise the skin, then the muscles of the abdominal wall, then the uterus. The baby is then removed, then right after the placenta. In a second stage, the various incised tissues are sewn together with thread or staples.

During the examination of the 8th month of pregnancy, the gynecologist or obstetrician observes the position of the child and decides the mode of delivery.


Other factors may require scheduled or unplanned delivery by caesarean section:
  • Baby weight
  • The pool too narrow
  • Heart disease
  • Toxic pregnancy and pre-eclampsia
  • The placenta prævia
  • Fetal suffering
  • Prematurity
  • Prolapse or node formation on the umbilical cord
  • The seat position of the baby
  • Intrauterine growth retardation
  • Caesarean delivery at least twice before
Like any surgical operation, pain and scar are essential. In all cases, cesarean deliveries must be closely monitored with the physician. The care of the scar must begin right after delivery. During the first few days, the scar will be covered by a dressing which must be cleaned daily and which will be removed a few days after the procedure.

You will feel pain and tightness at the level of the scar, do not worry. But it is mandatory to see a doctor if you experience very severe pain or notice a blood flow or scar fluid.