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Child Loses 75% Of Vision Because Of This Small Toy You Probably Have in Your House.

Child Loses 75% Of Vision Because Of This Small Toy You Probably Have in Your House.

Child Loses 75% Of Vision

When it comes to playing, children rarely make the difference between what is dangerous and what is not. Some objects that are within their reach at school, at home or otherwise, may present a real danger to their health. The particular laser pointers, and which are highly appreciated by children of any age because of the light they propel, are not without effects! These objects, considered to be toys, caused irreversible damage to a 14-year-old child.

Used for different purposes, laser pointers can sometimes find themselves in the hands of children who, attracted by everything that emits sounds or lights as well as brightly colored objects, do not hesitate to consider them as toys.

However, these pointers are not safe for health! Indeed, a 14-year-old Australian child lost 75% of his sight by pointing the laser at his eyes, as reported by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

The laser pointer, a danger to the eye health

Originally from the state of Tasmania in Australia, this child was amused with a laser pointer, which he considered a simple toy. He did not know that the object he held in his hand could affect his eye health and cause irreversible damage.

After pointing the laser on his eyes, the child began to have vision problems. When his parents noticed this, they immediately took him to see a doctor, who referred them to an optometrist for a more accurate diagnosis.

By examining the child's eyes, Dr. Ben Armitage automatically detected the reason for these vision problems and claimed that they were actually due to the laser pointer and that damage to the back of the eye Were irreversible!

The optometrist was able to take pictures of the child, clearly showing the burns in the two retinas, right next to the macula of his eyes. He pointed out that the affected part is very delicate, because this is where the central vision is concentrated. This is why the child lost 75% of his vision!

Indeed, Ben Armitage stated that the visual acuity of the child was reduced to 25% and could not be restored. He hopes, however, that swelling due to burns in the retina disappear, which could help restore some, albeit less, part of the child's vision.
The child's parents say that he did not feel pain or tingling after using the laser pointer on his eyes. On the other hand, vision problems were immediately noticed.

A possible solution?

The optometrist recalls that the parts where the burns are visible are those that are no longer functional and are therefore the cause of the decrease in the visual acuity of the child. Except that, contrary to the usual problems related to it, the case of this child can not be treated by spectacles.

To better explain why, Dr. Ben Armitage gave the example of a camera, whose mode of operation is similar to that of the eyes. Thus, when the sensor of the camera, which is located at the back of the camera, no longer functions, no lens type placed on the lens will be able to repair it. This is exactly the case with the eyes of this child!

How to prevent this kind of incident?

It is important that parents become aware of the dangers of the laser pointer and avoid using it at home wherever they keep it at least out of reach of their children.