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Here Is A Natural Recipe To Naturally Remove Plaque From Teeth!

Here Is A Natural Recipe To Naturally Remove Plaque From Teeth!

Natural Recipe To Naturally Remove Plaque From Teeth

The beauty is the smile and the whiteness of the teeth. It is therefore essential from an aesthetic point of view to have a dazzling smile but from a medical point of view it is also necessary to have healthy teeth and mouth to avoid certain infections and diseases affecting the body, Health.

Many dental bleaching kits are commercially available. They give honor to the white teeth. These kits are generally composed of many additives such as dyes and flavors. These treatments are not accessible to all in view of their price.

Here are some tips for having white teeth as well as a natural, inexpensive, and chemical-free recipe.

Tips for healthy teeth and mouth:

Good oral hygiene: Daily brushing of the teeth, about 2 minutes in the morning and evening, that is to say twice a day, dental floss every evening and a supplement of hygiene by a bath Of mouth are recommended by the French Union for Oral Health. In addition, it is necessary to carry out at least one visit per year to a dentist from a very young age.

A varied and balanced diet: A varied and balanced diet (rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, calcium and phosphorus due to their protective effect of the teeth) avoids various health problems, but also Oral problems. In addition, spicy food helps activate the salivary glands, saliva naturally disinfecting the mouth.

Reduce tobacco consumption and consumption of coffee, tea and sodas: Tobacco is harmful from a global point of view, as well as over-consumption of coffee, tea and sodas of all kinds. However, they also involve tasks on the teeth, caries as well as tartar. It is advisable to stop or reduce tobacco consumption, as well as drink a glass of water to rinse your mouth after drinking coffee or tea.

The use of a mouthwash:
In addition to hygiene, it is recommended to use a mouthwash allowing to have a fresh breath, to reduce the bacteria, to reduce the appearance of the tartar and tooth decay .

It is also possible to prepare her toothpaste and her home mouthwash, for economic reasons and especially, for the purpose of care and natural hygiene.

The recipe for healthy mouth and teeth:


- 1 tablespoon of baking soda
- ½ teaspoon of fine sea salt
- 1 cup hot water
- A toothbrush and toothpicks


First, mix the baking soda as well as salt and then wet the toothbrush in hot water. Place the mixture on your toothbrush and then brush. Repeat for two minutes.

Finally, use a toothpick to remove the tartar between the teeth.
Repeat this twice a week.

Benefits of Ingredients:

Baking soda: Being the component of many toothpastes, baking soda helps to polish the teeth enamel. It has anti-stain properties and also reduces yellowing of teeth. Due to its abrasive action, be careful not to use it more than twice a week.

Fine sea salt: Rich in iodine, this fine sea salt is known for its antibacterial properties. It also helps to produce more saliva to eliminate microbes damaging tooth enamel. In addition, composed of minerals like magnesium and calcium, it tones the gums.