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How To Clear Negative Energy From Your Home! Find Peace And Love!

Clear Negative Energy Has it ever happened to you to enter somewhere and feel directly that something is wrong? Intuition or negative...

Clear Negative Energy From Your Home
Clear Negative Energy

Has it ever happened to you to enter somewhere and feel directly that something is wrong? Intuition or negative energy, it's the same: negative thoughts hang around you. Over time, homes can develop this same unpleasant atmosphere, which can increase your stress or make you sick. But do not worry, it's very easy to eliminate these negative energies to make your home even more comfortable.

How to get rid of negative energy?

Nothing easier. You need a glass or carafe, drinking water, salt and white vinegar. Simply add the water to your container (do not fill it to the brim!), Then salt and finally the vinegar. Place the mixture in a discrete place, preferably in the room where you receive your guests.

After a few hours, watch your mixture carefully. Has the water level decreased or increased? Does the water seem cloudy? After a whole day, observe the difference: is the energy of the room the same as before? Normally, the negative energy will have disappeared. If this is not the case, empty the container, clean thoroughly and repeat the procedure.

Salt and vinegar have a long history behind them. They were used to cleanse the body but also to cleanse the mind. In many oriental traditions, salt was used to repel bad waves. In the neo-pagan culture, depositing a bowl of white vinegar outside clear the negative energy. Indeed, salt and vinegar immediately released negative ions around them, which refreshed and purified the ambient air.

What about plants?

There are other ways to clear negative energies. Several houses respond positively to salt, vinegar and water, but not all, as some need a little extra boost. If you are determined to clear these negative energy from your home, consider using purifying plants recognized in various crops such as sage, bay leaves, rosemary and lemon.

Generally, these purifying plants are sold in dried form, except for the sage that sells most often in packages. The easiest way to use these plants is to burn them in a non-flammable dish. The smoke will dissipate the negative energy and the essential oils of these herbs will kill the viruses and bacteria present in the air.

Purifying plants carry positive vibrations in the room where they are burned and therefore clear negative energy. Caution: Smoke can be dangerous for people with respiratory problems. Be sure to keep the flames out of the reach of children!

If you feel that burning these plants is too dangerous, it is also possible to create a spray. For this, nothing is simpler, just let the plants infuse in water. Spray each piece with emphasis on the corners and areas where you think the negative energy have accumulated. This infusion can also be added to the water of your mop to clean the floor.

Attention: the dark color of some plants can rub off on your clothes or on the ground!


Over time, negative energies accumulate and must therefore be treated, especially when the atmosphere seems heavy or tense. If you feel more stressed than usual or uncomfortable, think about purifying your home. With these tips, you will be able to make your home more joyful!