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Incredible Tip To Relieve Neck, Back Or Knee Pain In Seconds

Incredible Tip To Relieve Neck, Back Or Knee Pain In Seconds

Relieve Neck, Back Or Knee Pain In Seconds

Back, knee and neck pain is a common problem. Some habits, stress, poor posture or even diet are primarily responsible. Discover through this article how to relieve this type of pain using a tennis ball.

They would cause nearly one in two Frenchmen to suffer and may affect all age groups. These pains are defined as musculoskeletal pain characterized by localized and prolonged muscle pain.

Here are 10 exercises using a tennis ball to relieve your muscle pain:

The rubbery elasticity of the tennis ball makes it possible to relax and stretch the muscles and of course to soothe the pain in different parts of the body.

1 - Neck: After a long day at the office, your erector and suboccipital muscles must be relaxed. The following exercises can help to soothe the pain:
  • Lie on the floor with face up, holding two tennis balls under the base of the skull
  • Move the head up and down, allowing the balls to settle in the back part of the neck
  • Change direction after one minute by turning head from side to side
  • Pivot the head on one side, then move it from bottom to top. Do the same on the other side.
2 - Taut shoulders: this is the result of a bad position in the office or the wearing of heavy objects. This exercise will help you relax your muscles.

In a lying position on the back, put two tennis balls behind the shoulders, and roll them.

3 - Chest pains: Several daily tasks, such as long periods spent cleaning or using the telephone, contribute to a compressed chest sensation. To alleviate this problem, try these exercises:
  • Stand in front of a corner of the wall and place the tennis ball under the collarbone.
  • Breathe deeply for a minute. Then move the ball along the top of the chest, up and down, then on the sides.
  • To increase muscle mobility, move the arm and neck for one minute, then change sides.
4 - Backache: It is often caused by bad posture or uncomfortable shoes. The following exercises are very effective in relieving it:
  • Put two tennis balls below the back, between the coccyx and the ribs, and move the pelvis towards one side then the other, allowing the tennis balls to move on the back.
  • Slow down the movement and reduce pressure as you approach the spine. Stay elongated, place a ball between the hip and the floor, and press it lightly.
  • Make 12 slow circles and change sides. Breathe deeply and repeat for 5 minutes.
5 - Hands and painful handles: After several hours using a PC, your hands and muscles tighten.
  • Place one hand on the table on top of the tennis ball and place the other hand over to apply extra pressure.
  • Press the ball for a minute by putting all your body weight on.
  • Then, move the tennis ball horizontally and vertically to relax all the parts of the palm. Hold for 3 minutes, then repeat with the other hand.
6 - Poor posture: It is necessary to adopt a good posture to the daily to protect our back and to avoid the diseases that result from it.
  • In a lying position, place two balls on the sides of the back, and hands behind the head while lifting it.
  • Bring the head to the chest and lift the hips. Breathe deeply.
  • Roll the balls on the back for 4 minutes.
7 - Painful hips: If you exert excessive pressure on your hips, you may feel pain in the pelvis.

In the lying position, place a ball between the hip and the floor, and press it down. Make 12 slow circles and change sides.

8 - Thighs: To release muscle tension, try this exercise:

Sit on a chair and put the balls on the outside of the thigh.
Straighten gently and fold the knee 40 times. The thigh should be moved horizontally. Repeat the same on the other side.

9 - Knees:
You have noticed pain in the knees up or down the stairs, here is an exercise to test:

Sit on a chair, bend your knees, and put the tennis ball at the back of the knee. Repeat 10 times and relax for 10 minutes.

10 - Plantar fasciitis:
It is caused by lack of rest and wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Place the ball under the feet and stand on it, roll it up and down the heels, and repeat one minute for both feet.