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Just Burn A Bay Leaf In Your Home. Everyone Will Want To Try This Trick

Just Burn A Bay Leaf In Your Home. Everyone Will Want To Try This Trick

Just Burn A Bay Leaf In Your Home

Today, stress and anxiety are among the most common problems. Lack of sleep, high workload and unrestrained lifestyle are all factors that affect our well-being on a daily basis. Fortunately, some natural remedies come to the rescue! Fatigue and anguish, fight them by burning some bay leaves!

Understand your stress

Stress is the result of several factors accumulated over time. It is a physiological response to distressing and embarrassing situations. It can have different causes, the main ones being professional or personal.

Professional causes: poor time management, poorly adapted work tools, work under pressure, problems related to working conditions ...

Personal causes: poor management of personal time, problems within the family, public transport, children's activities ...

How to reduce stress?

Medicine offers different medication treatments to fight stress and combat anxiety. The latter act as tranquilizers but are not devoid of side effects, including drowsiness.

This option is therefore not the best solution, especially in the long term. There are also other ways and techniques to combat stress such as thalasso-therapy, yoga or meditation.

But in addition to these solutions, it is also possible to reduce stress by opting for natural, effective and very accessible remedies. Draw in what nature has to offer us to find your  'zen' attitude!

The Bay Leaves:

The Bay leaves belong to the Lauraceae family and originate in the Mediterranean basin. This plant has incredible virtues that go beyond its refined taste.

The Romans and Greeks used this plant to enhance their dishes but also to relieve the various ailments. The bay leaves were considered a true therapeutic remedy and were also a symbol of triumph and victory.

The bay leaves have a pleasant flavor and scent which explains their presence in various culinary preparations. They are also used in aromatherapy and are also used in herbal treatments of all skin types because of their soothing effect.

In addition, these plants are also very effective in reducing stress and anxiety. 

Indeed, bay leaves have the ability to act on the nervous system by regulating it, especially during periods of depression and anxiety.

Here's how to use bay leaves to reduce stress and reduce anxiety:

Take a few dry bay leaves and burn them in your room. Leave the place for about ten minutes. When you return, you will notice a calm atmosphere generated by the relaxing scent. Just breathe deeply and you will quickly relax.
Caution, used in high doses, the bay leaves can cause vomiting.

Other virtues of bay leaves:

In addition to their relaxing properties, these leaves also have many medicinal properties:
  • Ideal to calm dental and urinary infections and even to relieve the pain caused by angina.
  • Antiseptic and antibacterial properties
  • Improve digestion with their richness in nutrients. Their odor also stimulates the production of saliva and digestive enzymes to ensure a better functioning of the digestive system.
  • Soothe skin irritations and cleanse oily skin
  • Fight against dandruff and make the hair brighter