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My Grandmother Always Puts This Oil In A Tangerine Peel: When I  Discovered The Reason, I Immediately Tried

My Grandmother Always Puts This Oil In A Tangerine Peel: When I Discovered The Reason, I Immediately Tried

tangerine Candle

Ideal for decorating and personalizing your interior, scented candles through a soft and delicate fragrance. Whether it's a romantic moment to share, a relaxing moment by the fireside or a dinner with friends, candles not only perfume all the rooms of your home but also bring them Cozy and intimate touch.

The harmful effects of industrial candles

Candles are ideal for bringing an intimate touch to your home and embalming your rooms with an ambient fragrance. However, this perfume can hide toxic products not only for health but also for the environment. Their image of "air purifiers" is often put forward by manufacturers, and they emit noxious gases for health.

Dr Maud Deschampheleire, a pneumologist and allergist, says that "the combustion phenomenon itself has an irritating effect on the respiratory tract and the perfumes contained in these candles play an irritating role Additional ". The flame of the spark plug, which varies in temperature, causes water, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to form, causing chemical reactions with serious consequences. When the temperature is low, benzene molecules and carcinogenic microparticles are created.

The composition of the candles

Candles are usually made from three types of wax:

Paraffin: the most economical wax obtained from petroleum

Beeswax and vegetable wax: natural but more expensive; These can be mixed with paraffin in order to minimize costs and ensure a longer holding of the candle.

As for scented candles, their perfumes can emanate either from synthetic fragrances (based on industrial products) or from essential oils which are more expensive because they are less chemical.

You can also opt for the locks, the best is to choose them ecological because they are entirely natural and do not undergo any specific treatment.

There is an alternative that does not pose any risk: make yourself a candle from natural ingredients. Not only is this method inexpensive but it does not pose any risk to your health or to the air of your home because it is devoid of toxicity. All you need is a tangerine!

How To Make a Tangerine  Candle

It is the season of the tangerine , so it is necessary to take advantage to consume this fruit with multiple virtues without moderation! Allied to health, Clementine will bring you everything you need to face winter with the essential nutrients it contains.

Beyond its juicy and sweet flesh, the Tangerine Peel will also be a source of comfort as it is possible to use it to make candles.

  • tangerine
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil (rapeseed or sunflower oil)
  • A lighter or matches

Walk round the tangerine with a sharpened knife horizontally to obtain two identical halves; Then remove the peel gently. Start with the upper part making sure not to tear off the small white stem that binds the flesh to the peel because it will serve as a wick. This part of the tangerine will serve as a base for the candle while the lower part will serve as a decorative hat. Simply cut out small pieces of peel either star-shaped evening or triangular shape, at your leisure.

Immerse the wick in a few millimeters of oil and let it soak for a few seconds. Then light the wick and cover the hat so that the small decorative shapes adorn your walls and centerpieces.

The equivalent of 2 tablespoons of oil allows a burning of about 2 hours. It is recommended to place it on a small cup to prevent the oil from flowing directly on your furniture.

If you wish, you can also make this candle with oranges or grapefruits (the amount of oil will be more important).

To impress your guests, make several candles and float in water, guaranteed festive effect!