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She Decided To Eat 2 Dates Daily,The Results Is Incredible

She Decided To Eat 2 Dates Daily,The Results Is Incredible

 Eat 2 Dates Daily,The Results Is Incredible

Dates have many benefits for the body. They are a good source of vitamins, fiber, carbohydrates and antioxidants. Daily intake of 2 to 3 dates a day can help prevent several diseases. Discover 11 unsuspected things that happen to your body when you eat 2 dates a day.

Dates are perfect for sports activities because of their high carbohydrate content. Their richness in dietary fiber promotes good digestion and intestinal regularity. Dates contain several nutrients and must be included in our daily diet. Here are the benefits of consuming 2 dates a day.

Here's what happens to your body when you consume dates:

1 - They improve digestion and treat intestinal disorders: Dates contain 57% insoluble fiber and 43% soluble fiber which have a laxative effect and are very effective for the digestion and prevention of constipation. This fruit retains water in the colon to increase the volume and weight of the stools and facilitate their evacuation thereafter. Dates are also rich in potassium which is effective in controlling diarrhea.

The dates also contain trace elements that prevent cancer diseases and according to scientists, cases of intestinal cancer are very rare in countries that consume much of this food.

2 - They reduce high blood pressure and are good for the heart: Dates contribute to the dilation of blood vessels and reduce the risk of stroke thanks to their richness in magnesium. They also contain potassium that helps reduce and regulate blood pressure and helps slow down the accumulation of fat on the walls of the arteries.

The consumption of dates is recommended for people who have heart problems. A juice of dates in the morning reduces the accumulation of the lipids and boosts the energy.

3 - They treat anemia: Dates are very beneficial for people who suffer from anemia. They are very rich in iron, which is essential for the production of red blood cells. This mineral also transports oxygen from the lungs into the rest of the body's cells. Iron is directly related to the health and development of the brain.

During pregnancy or menstruation, women are advised to eat iron-rich foods, including dates, chocolate and red beans. A 100 grams of dates contains 0.90 g of iron, or 11% of the recommended daily intake.

4 - They improve the work of the brain: Among the benefits of dates, their richness in phosphorus and vitamin B6 that allow the brain to function better. They stimulate intellectual capacity and develop memory.

5 - They are good for the health of the eyes: The dates contain zeaxanthin and lutein which together are very effective for the health of the eyes. They help to maintain vision and prevent its deterioration. Lutein helps protect the eye and macula from external damage (blue light, ultraviolet light ...). In addition, dates are a good source of vitamin A1, which improves the sight by promoting the regeneration of the cornea.

6 - They increase libido: Among the foods that stimulate libido, we find the dates that bring a great amount of energy and increase desire. Dates also contain animated acids, which are known for their positive effect on men's libido (increase endurance).
Take a few dates, soak them in a glass filled with goat's milk and let rest overnight. Then mix them with the milk and drink the mixture in the morning.

7 - They facilitate weight loss: Dates are very low in calories (23 calories for an average date) but very high in carbohydrates. They offer a feeling of satiety throughout the day and facilitate the work of the muscles to thus burn many calories during sporting activities.

8 - They relieve pain: Due to their magnesium content and antibacterial properties, dates are ideal for relieving pain and treating infections. Magnesium as well as selenium, manganese and copper contained in the dates are very essential for the health of our bones.

Dates are a good source of energy, vitamins and minerals that have great benefits and health benefits. Do not hesitate to consume, provided not to exceed the daily portions defined (approximately 5 dates per day).