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The Brilliant Trick To Beat A Speeding Ticket Fine

The Brilliant Trick To Beat A Speeding Ticket Fine

Beat A Speeding Ticket Fine

Respecting the highway code is an act of primordial civility and respect for the community. In addition to allowing fluidity of traffic, it is also essential to avoid road accidents. Failure to comply with the Highway Traffic Act is punishable by minutes of offenses and fines. Although there are many people who do not respect it, sometimes it happens that we get a
speeding ticket, when we have committed no offense. How can we challenge them?

Here's how to challenge a Speeding tickets:

1 - Ask for a photo:

You got a ticket for driving a little too fast? No problem, you take responsibility for your actions. The only problem is that you were not driving at that time or did not even take that road. You can therefore challenge this verbal statement.

The first thing to do is ask for a photo, as soon as possible. Do not forget that you have a deadline to pay the fine. Apply to the authorities and if it turns out that the picture taken does not show your vehicle, you will certainly not be penalized!

2 - Say you were not driving:

If you are sure that the offense report you received is wrong, you can simply challenge by saying that you were not driving your car.

For example, if you sold your car or it was stolen on the date of the Speeding ticket, file a flight declaration or certificate of assignment with your exemption request to challenge the fine.

In the event that you are ill, traveling or in the office, you can show that you have not conducted a medical certificate, airline ticket or an attestation from your employer.

3 - Ensure the checking dates
The purpose of speed cameras is to control speeding. The latter are subject to an annual audit, which must be updated on the speeding ticket. If it is not, it is possible to challenge it.

Indeed, you have to make sure that the annual check has been done in time. For example, if the
speeding ticket dated October 18, 2016, when the radar was verified on September 10, 2015, control did not occur.

4 - Check the
speeding ticket validity  :

Fines to be paid in the event of traffic violations can be expensive. So if you get a report, make sure it's in order, because if there's an anomaly you can challenge it.

Check whether all the indications are present and especially fair, such as the date of the
speeding ticket, the registration number, the place of the offense, the identification of the radar or the signature of the verbalizing agent.

5 - Protest against the withdrawal of points:

A violation of the Highway Traffic Act, however minimal it may appear, may result in a point withdrawal, such as failure to comply with a red light stop or failure to wear a seat belt.

But knowing that although the fine is valid, it is still possible to challenge the withdrawal of points from your license. The driver can oppose this withdrawal in case of lack of prior information. Indeed, the latter must be informed that the offense which committed it is liable to withdrawal of the points of his license.

If the driver has not been informed in advance and can prove it, the points will be returned.

6 - Challenge the  fixed fine:

Receiving a
speeding ticket is an unpleasant news, so what about a  fixed fine fine, especially if you did not get the original fixed fine. In the event of a contravention, the person concerned receives a  fixed fine which must be paid within 45 days. Failing this, a  fixed finee is sent and can reach large sums.

Thus, if you are in this case, you can challenge this fine by filing a complaint with the prosecution officer within 30 days after the fine has been sent. You have to make plausible arguments that support your challenge, such as the theft of your car, the failure to get the original fine ...