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This Doctor Explains Why You Should Sleep On Your Left Side

It is difficult for you to determine the ideal position to adopt during your sleep?  Here, the answer to this question asked. Though...

It is difficult for you to determine the ideal position to adopt during your sleep? 
Here, the answer to this question asked. Though for some, the doubt does not cease to reproduce each time when they have difficulty falling asleep.

Would you be more comfortable lying on your back or rather lying flat on your stomach? Experts advise you to sleep on your left side.

The question of how to lie down is personal, each one has his own habits to find sleep. Most people fall asleep either on the side, legs folded or straight, or on the back or on the belly.

Dr. John Douillard will explain why it is best to sleep on the left side in order to give our body the amount of rest it needs.

Sleeping, why is it important for our bodies?

Like any other vital activity, sleeping is a necessary function for the health of our body and for the balance of our mind and our emotions. If you consider sleeping as a mundane response to fatigue, here's why you need to change your mind:

Sleeping allows our brain to regain its balance, to organize its ideas and to solve the various problems encountered by the body.

During sleep, the cardiovascular system takes rest and blood pressure decreases. Similarly, there is a slowing down of the metabolism and thus the conservation of energy in the body.

While you sleep, the body secretes hormones that can improve your immune system.

Sleep helps reduce blood sugar levels.

Sleeping on the left side: what benefits for your body?

Many scientists and researchers have shown the super-benefits of sleeping on the left side. Here are 3 gifts you give your body when you sleep on this side:

The spine and breathing:

According to Joint Essential, the health magazine, studies have shown that sleeping on the back increases the pressure on the upper back and hips, this may keep your lower back in a suspended position Can be dangerous for your health in the long term. On the other hand, sleeping on the stomach is both bad for the back and for the neck, and can cause muscle tears.

In addition, WebMD Health Magazine says that sleeping on the side is perfect to ensure an optimal breathing flow for your lungs.

The digestion :

Sleeping on the left side enhances better digestion for the body. Indeed, the stomach and pancreas are located on the left side of the body, so sleeping on this side helps to better channel gastric juices and stimulates the secretion of pancreatic enzymes. Thanks to this, the digestion is done gradually and not all at once, which avoids intestinal pain.

Lymphatic drainage:

Dr. Douillard explains that the majority of the tissue of the lymphatic system is at the level of the left part of the body. The latter is most often exposed to the risk of lymphatic congestion. Sleeping on the left side helps to more easily filter the lymph fluid, toxins, and wastes that accumulate in the lymph nodes and thoracic duct.

Basically, sleeping on the left side facilitates the work of many organs, mainly those dedicated to digestion, breathing and blood circulation. Three of the most important functions for our physical but also mental health.
Now that you know, try it tonight without excuse!