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This New Dangerous Challenge Is Becoming More And More Common Among Young People!

This New Dangerous Challenge Is Becoming More And More Common Among Young People!

New Dangerous Challenge Is Becoming More And More Common Among Young People!

The "ice and salt challenge" or the challenge "salt and ice", is a dangerous new challenge launched by teenagers on social media. Like the other challenges that have emerged in recent years, this has negative effects on health. What does it consist on ?

This phenomenon has buzzed in several countries of the world, notably in the United Kingdom, the United States.

"Ice and salt challenge": The burning challenge

The challenge is to put salt on the arm and apply one or more ice cubes on it and resist as long as possible the feeling of pain. The combination salt and ice can cause second-degree burns and severe frostbite due to skin temperature that can drop to -20 ° C.

How to explain the results of this combination?

The addition of the salt to a mixture of ice and water absorbs heat (the temperature of the mixture decreases by a few degrees depending on the amount of salt). Indeed, to dissolve, the salt draws the amount of heat it needs in the ice block, which makes the salt-ice interface very cold. This is called an endothermic reaction.

By placing an ice cube on your skin, the water that forms is at a temperature intermediate between the two, and takes some time to reach the 0 ° C, temperature of the ice. However, by adding salt between the ice and the skin, the freezing temperature may drop to -20 ° C. Once this temperature is reached, the cold will cause severe burns and irreversible damage to your skin.

The story of a teenager who took up this challenge:

In the United Kingdom, a case of third-degree burns was recorded. A young teenager took up the challenge, but unfortunately the results were very unfortunate. The burn on her hand was so deep that she touched the nerve endings.

According to his mother, the young man was transferred urgently to the service of the burn victims and his state worried the doctors. Because of this dangerous challenge, the baby was at risk of skin grafting.

This practice, which has gone round the web, has also raised concerns among the authorities, which have launched several awareness-raising campaigns and introduced prevention and protection measures for young people and their parents.

Pay attention to what your children are watching and using. These extremely dangerous challenges have caused many victims and can have fatal consequences.

Home Remedies for Healing Burns

Apply the honey to the area to be treated and let it act for about 15 minutes before rinsing. Honey accelerates the healing of burns thanks to its antioxidant and healing properties.

Spread the egg white on the burn and let dry to accelerate the healing.

Put St John's Wort oil on burns to alleviate the pain with its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as to activate the healing process.

If the burned parts of the skin have a blackish appearance or become insensitive and extensive, an urgent medical consultation is required.