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This Woman Looks Pregnant. But What Is Hidden In Her Belly Is A Problem That All Women Must Know

This Woman Looks Pregnant. But What Is Hidden In Her Belly Is A Problem That All Women Must Know

Ovarian cysts are a fairly common gynecological condition. These fluid-filled bags that can form in or on the ovary are rarely severe and usually painless. Normally, a large cyst can reach more than 7 cm, but in some cases it can grow considerably to compress neighboring organs, causing various health problems. Here is the story of a 24-year-old woman who, after her belly grew incredibly, discovered she had an enormous ovarian cyst.

A 24-year-old woman from Mexico has undergone surgery to remove an enormous ovarian cyst. The doctors who operated it say that this is a very rare case!

An ovarian cyst or 10 babies?

Before she knew she had a large ovarian cyst in the abdomen, the young woman thought it was a simple weight gain. So she followed a diet to lose weight, but she noticed that all parts of her body were thinning, except for her belly.

More days passed and more state was getting worse. Her belly had become disproportionate to the rest of her body. It was enormous, like that of a woman pregnant with six babies, except that the young woman was not in the period of pregnancy. She also had difficulty walking, eating and even breathing.

After several months of suffering, she finally went to the hospital where the doctors gave her a series of tests and radios, which revealed something unexpected. The young woman had an enormous ovarian cyst that developed incredibly after 11 months.

This Pregnant Woman

According to the doctors, a cyst can be described as huge or giant when it exceeds 10 cm, or weighs more than 12 kilos, but this young woman's was much larger. He had the same weight as 10 newborns, namely 33 kilos!

The larger the cyst, the more the young woman's condition deteriorated. He had colonized nearly 95% of her abdomen and compressed her internal organs, including her intestines and lungs, which prevented her from eating and breathing properly. The cyst also compressed two main blood vessels, which could cause serious heart problems!

Cyst draining :

The woman had two choices: drain the cyst fluid slowly, then undergo an operation to remove it or go directly to the block to remove the cyst completely. And of course, both choices had disadvantages!

Cyst draining can have an effect on the patient's health because nearly 20% of the giant cysts are malignant, meaning that if the cyst is pierced there is a risk that cancer cells will The body of the young woman.

While the second option is more tricky. According to doctors, the walls of the cyst are very thin, measuring barely 1 mm and must not dry, because they can break. Although there is not a medical consensus on the most suitable technique for removing this type of cyst, the patient finally opted for the second option.

She made that choice, knowing that she would end up with a big scar going from the chest to the pubis. But at this stage, she did not care at all about the aesthetic side.

Fortunately for her, the operation went smoothly and the doctors were able to remove the cyst which had a circumference of 157 cm. They claim that it is the largest ovarian cyst ever removed in its entirety without being pierced and drained.

After the operation, the abdomen of the young woman immediately returned to normal size, but she was still found with excess skin.

Two days after the surgery, she was able to leave the hospital and go home. 6 months later, she came back for a check. She was doing very well, walked normally and had no trouble breathing properly. The patient had regained her normal life!