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This Woman Was Too Fat: 6 Months Later She Reveals Her New Body And Shocks Everyone

Having a healthy weight is essential to preserving your health, preventing many illnesses and also to feel good about yourself. Indeed...

 This Woman Was Too Fat:

Having a healthy weight is essential to preserving your health, preventing many illnesses and also to feel good about yourself. Indeed, in addition to the pathologies linked to overweight and obesity, these problems are also complex. Many obese people have difficulty accepting their image in the mirror and are sometimes prone to mockery. It was precisely the case of the young couple, Lexi and Danny Red who decided to change their lives!

Lexi and Danny are a young couple, aged 26 and 28, respectively. Very much in love with each other, both lived in happiness, but had only one problem that prevented them from living their life as they wished: their weight.

At their wedding, Lexi weighed nearly 218 kilos, while Danny was 126 kilos. Their obesity affected their lives in different ways, be it physical or mental. Indeed, they could not participate in many activities and often found themselves in embarrassing situations.

No longer able to bear their situation, they decided to change their lives.

The switch point:

Lexi will never forget the day she had this awareness and wanted to take her life back into her own to become a better version of herself. It was in an amusement park that everything changed. Lexi was lining up to get into a merry-go-round, but when her turn came, the person in charge told her she could not climb because she was too heavy. It was the most embarrassing situation the young woman ever experienced.

Obviously, Lexi's obesity affected his life on a daily basis, but it was precisely this incident that made the changement!

Lexi and Danny realized that their weight was not healthy and that it was high time to do something to change their situation. They knew what they had to do, but were afraid of change. Because, after all, they had to radically change their way of life to have satisfactory results.

The couple said they ate about 4,000 calories a day and vegetables were rarely on the menu. All their meals were either fried dishes or fast food.

Lexi and Danny have therefore decided to lose weight and have seriously engaged in a slimming program. Both had to change only their eating habits but all their way of life. The couple said they loved eating and that the task was anything but easy!

Before, they used to eat in restaurants offering open buffets and ordering fast food, once they got home. This is to say that the change was going to be really difficult.

To document their weight loss adventure, Lexi created an Instagram account "Fat Girl Fed Up" (girl fat in a fed up).

The adventure was certainly marked by obstacles, but Danny and Lexi had two things that motivated them and urged them to continue: their will and their couple.

At first, the couple tried to live without fast food for 30 days, but they made much bigger progress than that. Today, their meals are programmed in advance and are much healthier.

Lexi managed to lose more than 108 pounds and Danny 31 pounds in just one year.

Lexi says she and her husband are still struggling to reach their goals, but are very grateful for what they have achieved so far.

Looking at the photos before / after, we notice that the change is obvious!

Lexy and Danny are much happier now and are more confident. This couple has lived an impressive adventure, which does not stop here! The best is yet to come.

Lexi and Danny have proved that by having a will of steel, one can realize everything!