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11 Habits That You Have In The Evening That Destroy Your Health. You Are Warned!

11 Habits That You Have In The Evening That Destroy Your Health. You Are Warned!

11 Habits That You Have In The Evening That Destroy Your Health. You Are Warned!

Sleeping is essential to rest and recharge its batteries to face a new day. But it is necessary that this one is restorative. Certain habits that we adopt and believe harmless can affect the quality of our sleep. Zoom in on those to be banished.

11 habits to avoid in the evening:

1 - Drink a lot before sleeping:
If you do not want to wake up 2 or 3 times during the night, avoid drinking plenty of water, a large glass of milk or a herbal tea just before sleeping. Consume them one to two hours before, so you have time to empty your bladder before sleeping.

2 - Sleep at any time of the day:
To sleep easily during the night, and avoid episodes of insomnia, it is important to have fixed sleep schedules. Do not nap at unexpected hours or late at night.

3 - Using electronic devices:
We all have this annoying habit of using our smartphones or tablets just before sleeping. Error ! Exposure to light from these devices for more than 2 hours at night may increase the risk of sleep disturbance, according to the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Light Research Center in the United States. According to the researchers, the light emitted by these gadgets on backlit displays hinders the production of melatonin, or sleep hormone, which is naturally secreted when it is dark.

4 - Read before sleeping:
Reading before bedtime can help to relax for better sleep, provided it does not exceed 10 or 15 minutes. Indeed, reading for a long time will have an opposite effect. This will slow down sleep and stimulate the intellect, which helps to disrupt sleep.

5 - Sleeping on a used mattress:
Your mattress can be the source of your sleep disorders, but also your back problems. It is therefore important to change the mattress, when it shows the first signs of wear and invest in a good to ensure a good quality of sleep. Each can choose the type of mattress that suits him best, but in general, those with medium firmness are the most recommended.

6 - Eating heavy:
Your last meal may be to blame for your sleep disorders! Many people are unaware that the diet can affect the quality of it. So forget about heavy meals like fries or deli meats that are difficult to digest. The idea is not to skip this meal, which is still essential because night is considered the longest fasting period, but rather to opt for light foods that will not require much energy To be digested.

7 - Sports late in the evening:
Various surveys and studies have highlighted the benefits of sport for health as well as for sleep. However, physical activity shortly before sleeping is discouraged especially in insomniacs. Indeed, it is recommended not to do sport 3 hours before bedtime, because this activity increases the body temperature and thus its vigilance. Result: falling asleep slows down.

8 - Having cold feet:
Although many people remove their socks to sleep, it is recommended to keep them and it is science that says so! Indeed, according to Swiss researchers, when the extremities (hands and feet) are warm, this has the effect of dilating the blood vessels and thus facilitating the falling asleep.

9 - Do not have a routine before bedtime:
The body and mind need to have a routine before bedtime, to prepare to sleep. Brushing your teeth, going to the bathroom or going to sleep in pajamas are all rituals that help to calm down and relax and are a great way to make the body aware that it's time to sleep.

10 - Drinking coffee late at night:
Avoid consuming such stimulants as coffee or tea in the late afternoon, because they tend to delay sleep due to their stimulating effect but can also cause micro-arousal.

11 - Having a bad sleeping position:
The sleep position can also affect the quality of sleep. So if sleeping on the stomach is strongly discouraged, putting on the left or right flank or sleeping on the back are the preferred positions!