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 3 Sleep Positions To Cure 3 Common Health Problems

3 Sleep Positions To Cure 3 Common Health Problems

Right Place To Sleep To Cure 3 Diseases

In what position do you usually sleep: on your back, on your stomach or on your side? Do you keep your arms straight or above your head? Or maybe you like to curl up on yourself? Most of us have a preference, but did you know that?

If you have trouble falling asleep and you feel even more tired than yesterday, it could mean that you have to change the position in which you sleep. Fortunately, the experts have something to tell you about it.

Dr. John Douillard, a specialist in Ayurveda, suggests that sleeping on the left side could be the best decision if you want to improve your health. Here are his thoughts on the question:

This position allows you to remove pressure from your spine

Sleeping on your back will add pressure to your hips as well as the top of your back, which in the long run is detrimental. Sleeping on your stomach will add tension to your neck and lower back. Sleeping on the side is the position that will give you an optimal airflow.

Help digestion

According to Dr.Douillard, the speed at which food is digested depends on the position you are in. With the way our intestines are constructed, food moves from the small intestine to the large intestine and then to the colon more quickly when we are lying on our left side. He even recommends spending 10 minutes in this position after each meal to help the body digest food faster.

It's good for the lymphatic system
Dr.Douillard explains that most of the lymphatic system is located on the left side of our body, and it is on this side that lymphatic congestion occurs most often. Sleeping on your left side will allow that gravity helps with natural lymphatic drainage, reducing the pressure of your heart and spleen.

So if you still have not found the position in which you are most comfortable - maybe you should try this one! And let us know if you notice any positive changes.