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5 Exercises For Tonic Arms

5 Exercises For Tonic Arms

5 Exercises For Tonic  Arms

When it comes to losing weight, women often focus on specific parts like the belly, or hips, neglecting other areas that can also accumulate fat. But to have a harmonious body, it is essential to work all the muscles of the body, even the arms. Here are 5 exercises to try to have toned arms.

There is no secret, to lose weight, you must combine healthy and balanced diet and physical activity. There are a wide range of disciplines that are all equally beneficial to have a healthy weight and tone your body.

Certainly some areas are harder to refine than others, especially the belly and thighs, which is why women especially focus on these parts and neglect others.

Arms are parts that women rarely work, mistake! To have a harmonious silhouette, you have to work every muscle of the body. Some think that doing two upper bodybuilding sessions will give them a more masculine look, but this is wrong. Regular sessions with a light weight will only tone the muscles of the arms!

Here are 5 exercises to try to have firm and toned arms:

Do 3 sets of 15 and 20 repetitions for each exercise.

Flexion of the biceps
Exercises For Tonic Arms

This exercise mainly targets the biceps.

Stand upright, back straight and with a leg back, to have more control. Hold the dumbbells in your hands and keep your arms along your body, palm up. Put your hand up to your chest, bending your elbow and keeping it stable at your side. Try to contract your biceps well. Switch between left and right.
Lateral bending:
Tonic Arms

This exercise targets the muscles of the shoulders, biceps and triceps.

Always stand with the legs in the same position for a better balance, take the dumbbells in your hands and lift the arms elongated laterally, so that they are parallel to your shoulders. The palms of your hands should be pointing upwards. Bend your elbows and bring your hands back to your head, then stretch out the arm to return to the starting position.

You can perform this exercise by working both arms at a time or alternating between the two sides.

Arnold Press :

This exercise essentially works the shoulders.

Put yourself in the slot position and take dumbbells of the weight of your choice into the hands. Place your arms in front of you, bend your elbows making sure your palms are directed inward. Lift the arm, pushing upward and turning the palms outward. Return to the starting position.
The dips:
5 Minute Toned Arms

This exercise targets the shoulders and triceps.

To carry out this exercise, you will only need the weight of your body and a bench, a box or a chair. Enough on the chosen surface and place your hands on at your hips. Now, lift your pelvis and stretch your legs. Then bend your elbows and go down, as if you were going to sit in a vacuum, then get up by pushing with your hands.
The kickbacks:
Leg & Arm Tonic

This exercise works the triceps.

Stand upright, legs open to shoulder width and knees slightly bent. Dumbbells in hand, bend your elbows and bring them back to your sides, making sure your hands are level with your chest. Now extend your arms by pushing backwards and creating a straight line from the shoulder to the hand, then return to the initial position.

By performing this exercise, it is important to block the elbows and maintain the body's balance to avoid swinging you.

Remember that these exercises alone will not allow you to have firm arms. Diet is also a key element when it comes to losing weight in general. So try to avoid fastfoods and processed foods, limit the consumption of sugar and salt and favor natural foods to industrial and refined ones.