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6 Ways to Stop Biting Your Nails

6 Ways to Stop Biting Your Nails

Why Do People Bite Their Nails?

When we were young, we have always been banned from biting our nails because they have more bacteria than any other area of the body. What to bite the nails ... pardon, fingers!

Biting the nails is a very bad habit, uncontrolled. Onychophagy often reflects emotional disturbances and psychological problems. Here are some tips to stop nail biting.

Why Do People Bite Their Nails?

Nail biting would be indicative of great anxiety and nervousness. This mania helps to soothe and calm stress peaks. It is often at the age of six that we begin, and we grow with this automatism.

Apart from the aesthetic damage caused by this mania, this could have more serious consequences on health. The nails are indeed carriers of several bacteria that cause diseases, infections and viruses. There is a risk of oral diseases, gingival infections, caries, finger inflammations, nail root infections, etc. So here are 6 tips to stop nail biting and permanently lose this bad habit.

The problem must be addressed at the root. Look for the cause of your anxieties, stress and nervousness. Pay attention to times when you do it unintentionally, identify critical situations to avoid them. Become aware of the ills that this habit engenders on your health and look for consequences. Motivate yourself by seeking to beautify your nails.

Stress is the main cause that causes you to nail your nails unintentionally. It is all the negative energy that has accumulated in you and that could not be evacuated properly. To avoid stress, there are several options: yoga, sports, dancing, activities that you are passionate about, etc. In addition to relaxing, these activities will keep you busy. It's already that !

Bitter varnish
This solution is used by many people and is very effective, especially for the little ones. The bitter varnish is bought in pharmacy and has no color; Even men can put on. Whenever you put your nails in the mouth, the bitter taste of the varnish acts as a repellent. The product is transportable everywhere, put it on whenever you have the opportunity.

The sweets

For once the treats are a solution! Football coaches have often been seen chewing gum during matches. The reason is simple: chewing gums, sweets and lollipops have a strong de-stressing power. Not only do they occupy your mouth, but they also soothe your nervousness, which reduces the risk that you nail your nails.

Place organic sweets or chewing gums in your mouth when the urge to nail your nails takes you. But be careful, always in moderation. This is not a reason to throw you on the big packs of candy! Organic and even 100% biodegradable chewing gums are on sale online or in specialty shops.


Here is an excellent reason to go to make a beauty salon. Go and ask for false nails: they have the advantage of being hard, resistant and impossible to gnaw because they are made of plastic. You will give respite to your real nails and you will gradually lose this mania.

The dressings

Solution much less aesthetic than the previous but equally effective. And by far the best. Cover your fingers with fine bandages to avoid access to your nails and gnaw them. Too bad if it makes others laugh, you will be rid of this bad habit!

These tips are effective but it is important to consult a psychologist who can deal with your problem at the root by looking for your sources of anxiety. Hypnotherapy is also a possible solution to permanently stop biting your nails.